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About Semirah Dolan (Me):
Hi! My name is Semirah Dolan. I am a women engineer in training. This blog started out in to share my journey as a pageant queen. When my reign was complete, I built this platform and decided to continue charting my life and adventures. After pageant life, was Boston socialite life, and now the adventures of a women in engineering. As a lifestyle blog, my post will parallel my life accordingly so please feel free to follow along on my other social media platforms:

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About Sound of Charm:
Sound of Charm is a for-profit Lifestyle/Tech blog. The post on my blog include: fitness, fashion, food, and engineering adventures. As well as: reviews, event coverage, collaborations, and more! It will be indicated whether or not a post or product is sponsored. If not indicated, then everything is purchased by me and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Sound of Charm and my endeavors.

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