Engage Diversity Through a Film

Sundance Film Festival award winning film: STEP
One of the Leading Ladies and I

Step was a great film to get conversations started about adversity and to be considerate because you never know what someone is going through. This film is great for starting the conversation around how can we give back to our communities using our personal passions/strengths.

Twitter invited me to experience this film in an open, fun, and diverse environment. Shoutout to HR at Twitter for being so accessible, approachable, and open! 

I didn’t know what I was getting into before agreeing to see the film. But I ended up having many moments of laughter, joy, bewilderment, and understanding(relatable).
The ending of the movie was filled with an overall feeling of love and reflection on, "Can I do something like that in my community"

The way our politics are looking for the future generation, I definitely think that we should be uplifting the next generations of leaders to be stronger and intellectual individuals.

The film brings you through a sampling of a variety of feelings and it's not overbearing. This is perfect for audiences that want to learn or become more aware of adversity in black communities but, it’s not crazy emotional and didn't have me crying.

The overall theater (very diverse) had more moments of laughter than any other reaction. Maybe because, as a predominantly black audience, we all connected with and understood the annoyed black mom side eye.

If you don’t know what that is <Gives you the annoyed side eye> LOL just kidding. 

This film is amazing for empowering a group of young women. 
 Five stars on achieving that mission and purpose.

The entire cast for Q and A


Review of the cast

They were perfect for this film
It (and the cast) were transparent, honest, and extremely candid.
I could have not put my personal life on the line like that, in front of millions.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Q and A with the cast members and hear the answers to the questions on this true story documentary and film. 

I asked a question about how did this film impact the main ladies moving forward and if they’ve created a platform for themselves.
They have not. Which is completely okay but, if I were to make a power move and optimize a film tour, I'd have a manager create a social media campiagn and platform for me. 

Ladies of the Step film, if you are reading this, my advice to you! (Also for Coach G as well)

Use this film tour to your advantage. Yes get this opportunity to travel the world but it is very rare that you will get the opportunity again to sit in front of the people in those screenings.

When someone ask you questions about; what are you doing now, your platform, dreams, etc. etc…. Be like: I have a blog, youtube channel, business etc etc... that I’m using to continue to be a mentor.

Or if you are like Coach G and Ms. Dufat, turn those Q and A questions around and install those shameless personal plugs for your businesses!

Q: What was your motivation when working with the girls?
A: I was motivated to make an impact and show them that Step practice wasn’t just about Step. It was about building character and learning to be a contributing citizen. That’s the same kind of message I stood behind before this film and it’s the same message I install in my personal development business, Coach G’s Step Mentoring.
Q: Do you think this film made you a bigger mentor for girls then what you expected?
A: Most definitely, before this film I was a mentor for my siblings, cousins, the 6th graders and more. Now I’m maintaining that mentor role by giving advice on my Youtube channel for middle schoolers or through my mentoring non-profit.

This is advice that I think would help me if I were in your positions. 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD 

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