Senior Women Engineer Mentors

1. BUILD YOUR NETWORK *On the Inside

I recently shared in a LinkedIn post, how I've been able to take advantage of Silicon Valley perks. One of these perks includes having in-person and close proximity access to some of the top engineers at the top tech companies.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to have a coffee date with LinkedIn Senior Engineer, Sarah C. I reached out to her a year before initially meeting her. This was on of those, met on the internet/LinkedIn scenarios. We were both at the Grace Hopper Conference but were unable to meet up so, it was destiny that our paths crossed again in San Francisco.


In addition to meeting with Sarah, I met with a Senior Engineer from Saleforce. Ayori is a longtime Salesforce engineer, entrepreneur, mentor, and role model. Sidenote, Ayori has her own Wikipedia page!! Like umm... goals! OMG if I have my own Wikipedia page in 5 years, that will be a true success metric for my career. 

On to her advice to engineers: pinpoint your career goal and chart out the skills you need to get their. What's holding you back? What are you weaknesses and strengths?

Once you pinpoint your strengths, you now know what to capitalize on. However, the key is: your weaknesses. This is what you need to work on to become that higher ranking position.


Grammarly yours, SemirahD

It's not "You Can Do It!".. It's "Yes, please do it!" - Older engineers to young engineers 

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