My LinkedIn Workshop for NSBE National Convention #NSBE43

Professional Development is my forte! Many college students are struggling in their job search and have not yet harnessed the power of LinkedIn. I used my passion and superpowers for professional development to host a workshop on "LinkedIn for Millennials" at the National Society of Black Engineers Convention (aka NSBE43 or NSBE 2017). 

It was an impressive turnout and I'm extremely grateful and privileged to have had this opportunity. I've hosted workshops for my campus and at other events like Grace Hopper. However, this NSBE43 workshop was all my work and I was the only speaker. Watching people line up to come to my workshop literally put tears in my eyes (and definitely built up my secret speaker anxiety!).

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NSBE43 Workshop Group Photo

NSBE43 to NSBE44

I am planning on hosting another professional development workshop at next year's NSBE convention (NSBE44). Many of the attendees came up after my workshop to shake my hand or ask a question. My imposter syndrome was going wild this whole time! Like who am I to have a line of people waiting to shake my hand, express gratitude, and engage in further intellectual discussion? Nonetheless, everyone walked away from this workshop with information that will excel them professionally and that was the workshop goal!

Below is a cute hype video of the workshop. Watch it and enjoy! Also my full workshop was filmed so, I will be posting the video on Youtube right when I receive it.   

Thank you to everyone that made this speaking experience enriching and rewarding. 

P.S. Peep the picture above?? That's a super professional speaker photo for my bios (doing the happy dance). So if you need an affordable speaker for your conference, convention, workshop, etc. please feel free to reach out to me via the "About Me" tab at the top of my blog.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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