Cleveland OH Summer Activities

Summer Internship In Cleveland, OH

Here are some fun things to do in Cleveland during the summer. I spent the summer in Cleveland, OH for an internship and had a pretty decent time entertaining myself through local attractions, events, brunch with friends, concerts, and more!

Within the first week of moving to Cleveland, I observed that the overall vibe is way more country than Boston. The city is divided into pockets and the food isn’t horrible.

Spending Summer Time in The Land:

Zac Brown Band

Polish Cuisine

Pokémon Go: The other interns and I literally went on Pokémon Go walks just to catch Pokémon and level up. I don’t think we would have been so outdoorsy, adventurous, or social if it wasn’t for Pokémon Go.

Swimming in Lake Erie (It’s called a lake but, dude.. it’s basically a beach)

Cleveland Indian Baseball Games
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Roadtrips to PA

Volunteering at the local National Park

Lots of Brunches at Townhall

Fruit shopping at the farmers market

Dining in “Little Italy”

Pulling airplanes for charity

A ton of Country concerts I don’t remember
Frisbee Golf
Froyo Dates
Other: I also spent my free time cooking, more than usual.

Grammarly yours, Your Boston Gal - Semirah D

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