Working out with Natural Hair

Going to the gym with natural hair is the ultimate struggle.

Hair is the main reason that many black women don’t go to the gym. Because after spending so much on a new hairstyle, we want it to last it’s full lifetime (for me, 2-4 weeks). And sweat is the top killer of fresh hairstyles. With that being said, who is running to the gym to ruin their wash and blow dry? Not anyone I know, but me.

I want to share with you how I make my hairstyles last while still being able to workout (like legit sweaty and hot workouts), at least 3 times a week.
This is my normal wash and blow dry that I maintain for 2-4 weeks

What To Do With Natural Hair Pre Gym:

1. Massage anti-frizz serum through hair (not a lot of product, just enough)

2. Massage coconut oil through hair as well

3. Brush hair into middle/high ponytail (perfect position to place ponytail into that back hole of a baseball hat).

4. Wear a headband that will protect your edges and soak up sweat

5. Optional step: Wear a baseball cap to keep hair down and another object to soak up the sweat.
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Gabrielle Union is rocking a perfect example of the baseball cap and ponytail hairdo

What To Do With Natural Hair Post-Gym:

1. Take off hat and headband

2. Keep hair in ponytail and allow the hair to dry before taking ponytail out

3. When hair is dry, take ponytail down and brush or comb through hair.

4. Optional, spritz dry shampoo on scalp (Many people do not like to fill their hair with products because it makes their hair heavy and nasty. However, for others, dry shampoo makes brushing through the hair post-gym easier and if your hair collects a lot of build up from sweat then dry shampoo is necessary.)

5. Optional, put hair into a bunch of braids (and for bed throw on your head scarf)

6. Additional optional, brush down edges before putting on head scarf.

Other Natural Hair Gym Tips and Tricks

Create a hairstyle schedule that works with your gym schedule, For example:

1st week of getting your hair done

Hair: Straight down and bumped (no heat, rollers!)

Gym: 2 light workouts (ex. pilates, yoga, weightlifting) and 1 heavy workout (full body, Zumba, TRX, tibata, etc.)

2nd week

Hair: Curled (no heat, rollers!)

Gym: 2 heavy workouts and 1 light workout

3rd week

Hair: Creative twist and braids, Half up/Half down

Gym: All heavy workouts

Co-Wash Option
Many of you have co-wash routines as well. When I have a wash and blow dry, I don’t co-wash. When my hair is in braids or out in it’s curly natural state then, I co-wash. Everyone’s hair is different so you may have to try different things to find what works for you.
Cold Air Trick
Another little trick that I’ve learned helps prolong my hair after the gym is letting cold air run through my hair. I do this by either eating my post-gym snack in front of the fan at home or slowly walking back home from the gym so that the cold air can dry my hair faster. The warmth keeps your hair damp and can make it revert to it’s natural curly state. With a straight wash and blow dry, I don’t want it to revert to being curly.
Coconut Oil is Bae
Throughout this journey, continue to care for your hair as you normally would OR you may find that your hair needs more love. I now massage oil on my scalp so that build up doesn’t occur. I also braid my hair when I get home so that any humidity and frizz from the day dies down. For braiding, I either do the simple 2 cornrows going back or a ton of braids all over (usually with my hair parted into 4-8 sections).   
Did this help?
Let me know if you found this helpful. Also let me know if there are tips I’m not using that could help OR if I’m doing something the complete wrong way. Like what a do shawty? Let me know in the comment section below.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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