Checklist for First Hackathon

Cheatsheet for Your First Hackathon

What is a Hackathon?! I cover that here.
Come to a Hackathon with me, virtually.

First, you’ve applied to the hackathon.

Second, you’ve packed all the necessary things you need for hours of constant hacking.

Third, you're on your way to the hackathon location.

Your main goal is joining a team.

Introduce yourself to 5 people and see if anyone needs another team member

Introduce yourself to the sponsors tabling and giving out swag (Also figure out if they are sponsoring a specific prize or hack for the event)

If you still aren’t on a team, find out when and where people are pitching their ideas to build a team (this is usually one of the first events to happen so work fast at introducing yourself to people upon arrival)

You are now on a team. How To Pick a Hack/Project

Everyone can throw out ideas and the team pick one to move forward with

Pick from the specific competitions at the hackathon (ex. Microsoft Azure hacks, Amazon Echo Hack, Fintech Hack, etc). Then work backwards to pick a project that solves a problem in that specific area.

Getting Started

Once the project is picked out, everyone should take a portion of the project to work on. Ideally grab apart of the project that is your strength OR maybe even take this weekend to work on your weaknesses. So if web development is your strength and your group needs a website, start building the site.

See if any of the sponsors of the hackathon has resources that could help out your team.

Create a specific goal and start working on completing it.

Break time

You’ll see that everyone spends their breaks differently. Here are some ways that I’ve seen breaktime done at hackathons:


Snack break

Talking to sponsors

Checking out other projects

Walking outside


If you’ve made it this far then I'll let you take it from here. Enjoy the hackathon!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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