Mozilla All Hands London

*Disclaimer: This event happened last year. As many of you know, from my Instagram and social media, I have a completely different hairstyle now.*

What is Mozilla All Hands London?

Mozilla All Hands London is a cross organization workweek for staff and volunteers of Mozilla. People who have spent the past year working on teams remotely all gather to work in person. This allows for greater productivity and creativity flow.

Many open source contributors understand the drawbacks from trying to push big projects with a team that is located all over the world. To compensate for time zone differences and resource restrictions, Mozilla hosts this huge event two times a year. Last year was my first year attending as a volunteer for Mozilla's Campus Club campaign.

Fast forward a few months, I am now deep in the open source trenches... I am now the Mozilla Reps North American Regional Coach. Like any coach, this just means I am an advocate for my team, a motivator, organizer, and resource gatherer. Moreover, my team is a group of North American open source super stars!

What's REALLY cool about Mozilla All Hands London

Top experiences from Mozilla All Hands London

1.      Meeting other campus clubs and leaders (India, Philippines, Argentina, Italy, etc.)

2.      Hearing about other Mozilla projects and how they all connect

3.      Building personal connections with fellow Mozillians

4.      Experiencing London (food, music, culture)

5.      Learning about other Mozilla opportunities: I enjoyed and valued doing this in-person because there are hundreds of Mozilla wikis, websites, and Telegram channels that I would have to read in order to find something that was simply communicated to me in-person (saving everyone a lot of time!)

Meet and Greet with Mozilla CEO Chris Beard

group photo

A fellow Mozilla volunteer and I (She is from Africa - how cool! I would love to visit.)

Changing the "normal" image of an engineer ONE GIRL AT A TIME
What's so cool about Mozilla All Hands London?

1. Meeting Mozilla Staff and Volunteers: It's very helpful and so much fun to meet people that also work with Mozilla  
Connections made: Open design team, leadership toolkit team, Mozilla IoT/connected devices, Mozilla Participation (Mozilla Reps, Campus Clubs, etc.)

2. The opportunity to Present to the CEO of Mozilla (Firefox)! Who? ME!     
During the Mozilla Workweek event I had the Opportunity to present to Chris Beard (Mozilla CEO) on the importance of the Mozilla Campus Clubs initiative

3.  Designed an example Campus Club activity/workshop and used my engineering education for good

4. Learned and witnessed the Mozilla organization policies/hierarchy (This is important for understanding how a community is governed) 
The world of Open Source contribution is hard to understand and is non-linear     

5. Open Source's biggest Cheerleader in Boston!     
Motivated, more dedicated to the cause of free and open source web

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

P.S. I've rewritten this blog post so many times.. I'm relieved to finally have this content out! I mean this event happened summer 2016... just a showcase of how hectic my life is. Every time I typed out a post or did a write up on Word, the content always ended up erased or disappearing.

It's like the universe didn't want my readers to see how awesome it is to contribute to open source until 2017. 

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