Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Women in Business Killing The Game

Lesley Jane Seymour, media entrepreneur former editor of MORE Magazine and Boston Blogger Royalty, Semirah Dolan

The Massachusetts Conference for Women experience this year was one big affirmation and motivation to get rid of my Imposter Syndrome. The Massachusetts Conference For Women is the largest women's conference in the state, offering community and connection, information and inspiration, motivation and momentum.

I attended a handful of workshops held by amazing women in business killing the game, however, everything I learned tied back to the reoccurring motif of imposter syndrome. You all know (my faithful readers) that from personal experience, I’m going to tie the case of imposter syndrome to the woes of being a women in engineering.

What’s Imposter Syndrome??

Do you fear that you’re a poser? Do you question if you are worthy? Are you scared that you couldn’t possibly be qualified to fill the shoes required in your position?

Sadly that’s a fear that strikes many of us – especially women [in engineering].
HGTV Real Estate TV Show Host, Egypt Sherrod and Boston Blogger Royalty, Semirah Dolan

How Women in Engineering can kill the Imposter Syndrome curse:

1.     If you need help stopping imposter syndrome, seek it!
Keys to seeking help: We are all competing in innovation so, take it upon yourself to find a mentor or co-worker that you can bounce ideas and thoughts with. It will take time to find the right person BUT in that time, build yourself and your network UP!

2.     You are in your position for a reason, don't doubt why you are in your seat, hit the gas pedal and go! If you fail, so what: you either get a blessing or a lesson

Keys to professional self-doubt: if you feel constrained or threatened at work then you probably haven't invested in other relationships, build relationships with the other team members so that it lessens the odds and chances of one individual or group constraining you.   

3.     Faking it, till you make it? if it works.. go with it!
[Need proof? Peep how I did the impossible at my first hackathon with no experience here]

Key to Faking it: while your faking it, ask questions! The more you know, the easier ‘faking it’ becomes. Soon it will all be real, with more time/experience.
Carla Harris, Wall Street powerhouse and Boston Blogger Royalty, Semirah Dolan
Self – doubt is crippling and presents one of the greatest barriers to becoming an authentic leader. [This #MassWomen workshop] Brought me close with some of today’s most prominent women to share invaluable leadership lessons for increasing my confidence and presence. Using their real life experiences as they climbed the ladder, they helped me reach beyond my comfort zone and explore strategies to eliminate feelings of inadequacy and achieve authenticity including:

Why executive presence matters;

How to deal with and overcome fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome;

The importance of building trust and credibility to accomplish more; and

How to find and use my most powerful  and genuine voice.

Panel Group Photo
Parting tips:
As you climb and build your experience, your skills go with you. They don’t stay at the startup you spent a year at, or the internship you did for 3 months, or the classes you took for four years. Your skills are portable and adaptable.

Your Java skills aren’t contained to your Java class.. Your negotiating skills aren’t contained to office hours during finals week. I  take my skills and use them to build the next chapter on this engineering journey, and so can you!
Book Author Luvvie and Boston Blogger Royalty, Semirah Dolan

Fave Workshop Details: Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome to Become the Authentic Leader You Envision (POE)
Thought Leader: Lesley Jane Seymour, media entrepreneur former editor of MORE Magazine
Hannah Grove – Executive Vice President and CMO, State Street Corporation
Carla Harris – Wall Street powerhouse and author, Expect to Win
Nina Tassler – CBS Entertainment and author, What I Told My Daughter: Lessons from Leaders on Raising the Next Generation of Empowered Women
Emcee: Jackie Glynn, DELL EMC VP of Diversity

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

When You're Santa's Favorite Elf

My holiday party outfit came from 3wishes.com this year and it was adorable! I received so many compliments on it and would totally go back to 3wishes for flirty themed dresses. I wouldn't recommend for lovelies under 18, but to the divas 18+, 3wishes.com has some wicked cute themed outfits and dresses.

Enjoy the photos of Santa's favorite Elf! After making sure that everyone else has beautiful gifts, it's the Elves turn to see what's under the tree

I love the detail of the bow and corset lace on the back. It was my favorite part of the dress. The dress is a velvet-like material and is breathable and comfortable for wrecking havoc at your holiday party. It was easy to dance, jump, run, and strut in the dress so, there are no limits in this ensemble.

For the pictures, I wore red Rockport heels and it suited the look for a holiday party setting. However I think black tall boots or simple flats would do great as well.

For a themed costume, this dress is very good quality. Like if I stored and cleaned it properly, I could wear this dress next year. Usually costumes are good for one weekend of fun and then its life is over. However, this dress could survive a few more events.

I may totally be put on the blogger naughty list for doing a review on a lingerie website however, I think that they sell some completely appropriate pieces. I aim to be a professional women and that includes being mature in what I promote online. Women are usually shamed for baring skin or dolling up.. I'm  speaking for women in tech more specifically since that is the personal experience I can speak to.

I am publishing this blog post to 1. Enjoy the holidays 2. Feel good, look good, and be good. Ladies in engineering, yes we are already walking on thin ice in the industry but, my advice to you would be to stand for something or else you will fall for anything. In other words, reflect on your personal boundaries. 

You can find my dress here and it is currently on sale.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

*Disclaimer: This dress was complimentary of 3wishes.com. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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