Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition from Millennial's View

So Microsoft just brought LinkedIn… Crap… I was just getting a hang of LinkedIn and its quirks and secrets. However maybe Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn will give me an advantage. There are bound to be some changes to LinkedIn in the future, even though the Microsoft CEO claims that, “We know that near term there will be no changes” and that they’ve merely instructed the LinkedIn CEO to "Manage LinkedIn with key performance metrics that accrue to our [Microsoft's] overall success”…
That’s confusing 1) If he’s (LinkedIn CEO) not reporting to a group of Microsoft execs that will inevitably draw up a new vision for LinkedIn then where is the change? 2) I must be missing something here ….. *digs deeper*

LOL I’m most likely confused because I don’t know what historically happens to companies that acquire other companies. But from a millennials view with a small background in business I’ll continue to comment on the news of Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn. Especially since I'm low key a huge LinkedIn fan and aspire to become a LinkedIn Expert

“This deal is all about bringing together the professional cloud and professional network,” - Mr. Nadella (Microsoft CEO)

-What is the professional cloud?

-How can those two merge or help each other out?

-Like as a LinkedIn user what will Microsoft bring to the table….?

Someone mentioned that Microsoft plans on implementing a help chat line. The way it works is that you’ll use LinkedIn as normally and the interface will now include a help chat line (assumingly in the corner of the screen) so that if you have any questions on how to complete a LinkedIn task you could just ask someone. I mean, there is a large problem amongst my peers where people don’t know what’s the benefits of LinkedIn, don’t know how to use it, it’s a waste of time, etc. I obviously don’t believe that… blatantly shown in the amount of hours I spend on the site and my quest to build a LinkedIngroup.


Ahhh.. now I’ve learned from Tech Crunch that Microsoft will bring over LinkedIn features into some of it’s software. “Outlook to become More LinkedIn”. So in addition to someone’s profile having their email, job title, etc. it will now include their LinkedIn profile. Admittedly, that does accelerate the process of making virtual and actual professional connections.

Microsoft is so smart. The more I read the more I give kudos to Microsoft. A large portion of the uses for Microsoft products are professional and office uses. LinkedIn is a prominent professional social network aka the playground for a lot of Microsoft users/customers. Microsoft is going where their customers are and taking a peek at all of that data of our behaviors to make their [Microsoft’s] products better. “Microsoft, meanwhile, would get a peek at your work history and connections.” *mind blown*

CNN Money said it best,
“Microsoft wants to use LinkedIn as a database of professional information and distribution channel for its software systems. LinkedIn gains additional financing and access to millions of people who could potentially join its network.”


And apparently Microsoft has an evil plan to give Cortana the tools to become the world’s best and crazy efficient personal assistant *evil laugh muahhahhahahah*. (source)

Awweee Microsoft spent $59 on me and I haven’t even started working for them yet, that’s a good sign right? All jokes aside à “Microsoft is spending $26.2 billion, or about $59 per user, for LinkedIn.”
According to the experts, this is a great 'cost per customer' price. (source)


Side note: This isn’t Microsoft’s first rodeo… they purchased a social networking site called, “Yammer” in 2008.. never heard of them. What if Microsoft likes to think it’s making these grand investments but really these purchases are actually not needed or worth it… Like when I “invest” in Chanel handbags (side side note: any designer handbag lover could argue that designer handbag purchases are indeed investments). But yeah what if Microsoft is doing just that…. (source)

Grammarly yours, Semirah D
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