Wellenstyn Winter Jacket Review

As a farewell to winter, here is a shoutout and review to Wellenstyn. A toast to the best, 5 star jacket on the market. Enjoy some pictures of my brother in his Wellenstyn jacket. He loves and flaunts this jacket. The large amount of pockets for storing things and the warmness. It's so toasty inside!

Peep the sharpness and structure of the material. He could blend in doing anything from walking the red carpet, attending a winter wedding, or running some errands out in town.  

+Gizmodo thought that they found the "Ultimate Urban Winter Jacket"... well obvious that status needs to be updated with the introduction of the +Wellensteyn jackets to the New England market.

Men: I'm not sure what you care to know about in a jacket. But from what my brother and friends rave about, I can definitely share that this jacket is well worth the splurge! The quality is over the top ah-mazing, it's low maintenance, (with such high quality) it's bound to work for years, and it's super convenient.

And ladies: Wellenstyn also has uber adorable styles for us. The same benefits that the men have in their Wellenstyn jackets, we get and more. Meaning... we get cute colors, extra fluff, and additional adorableness to make walking around in fluffy winter jackets less 'snowman like' and more 'runway model like'.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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