New England International Auto Show 2016 Recap

Next: Check out the 2017 Boston Auto Show! Bigger and Better :)

The New England International Auto Show was my first large scale automobile event. I've been to derbies, car races, etcetera etcetera. So being surrounded by high profile cars and interactively experiencing the cars was super fun! The auto show had test drives available for certain models of cars.  

Now that I know that this event is local to me and an annual occurrence, I know where to go when I'm buying my next BMW or Aston Martin. My plan: 1) Test drive at New England International Auto Show 2) Intense research on best buying period 3) Drive off the dealers lot in style.

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Before attending this show I vaguely knew what questions to ask when purchasing or what made a car a "good car".

1) It all depends on your auto needs
2) Other variables are considered like; budget, lifestyle, etc.
3) The car chooses you more than you choose the car. (think about it... what compels you to walk towards certain cars on the lot?)

To look at more in-depth tips and tricks check out SheBuysCars for more articles.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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