I Learned Web Development in 24 Hours

As some of you may know from my previous post, I attended a hackathon in Tampa that was sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. This blog post is a more indepth tale about how it happened and what happened during my experience. Enjoy...!

How did it happen?

1. I APPLIED: One of my mentors emailed me an opportunity to attend a 24 hour hackathon competition sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. in Florida and they would potentially cover travel and expenses.
2. I GOT ACCEPTED: I received the acceptance letter at work and did the happy dance with my boss and co-workers. 
3. I PREPARED: I received my flight confirmation and packed my bags for sunny Florida. When attending a hackathon, your must-bring items start with your laptop, all necessary charging cords, and toiletries. 
4. I ARRIVED: Upon touching down in Tampa, I did the happy dance to be in 80 degree weather and headed straight to Chick-fil-A THEN I taxied over to the J.P. Morgan headquarters. I was the furthest attending participant so everyone knew who I was and greeted me with questions like: Are you liking our weather? How was your flight? Is it snowing up there? Etc.

I arrived a few hours early which gave me the chance to tour the grounds. Their campus had a swamp/small hiking trail in the backyard and was such a pleasure to explore! 

I am used to really big hackathons with upwards of 500+ attendees. This corporate sponsored hackathon only accepted 50 participants (made me feel super special to be selected out of all the applicants). 

Finally my team arrived and J.P. Morgan had a small snack set up for us to get acquainted with our teams (when I say small snack I mean, a chef came out and did a spread of mini burgers, appetizers and such… no big deal… but actually a big deal). We received our challenge, matching book bag/sweater/shirt and headed to the open ceremony. After all of the festivities the challenge finally begins. 

Now here is where WE GOT TO WORK:
My group and I brainstormed about what type of app we could make to aid the paralysis community, which was our given challenge. None of us had prior experience of building an app from scratch and the J.P. Morgan mentors advised against trying to learn and accomplish such a feat in 24 hours so, we settled on a web application. Now my team set out to learn html and web development in 3 hours. The most useful tools for us were: Brackets 1.6 and bootstrap. Feel free to check out those sights for your own web development purposes (not an endorsement).

I can proudly say that my team finished our app and had one of the best presentations of the entire competition. I would totally attend another J.P. Morgan sponsored event and grateful to have had this opportunity.

If your company hosts events or you know of any STEM or tech opportunities please feel free to send them my way! Semirah.dolan@gmail.com or tweet me

I am very eager to learn as much as I can about my industry as a mechanical engineer but also tech enthusiast. 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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