Do you know your bias "Blind Spot"?

Title: Fixing Your Blind Spot - The Science Behind Making Better Decisions

Professor Mahzarin Banaji

Workshop Snippet That Says "Hey! You should come to this": 

Did you know that how our brains work may be preventing us from being great leaders, building the best teams and making the best decisions? Did you know there is research and data that shows what these barriers are and how to overcome these hidden biases? Do you want to unleash your full potential as well as unlock the potential of your teams?

More info about the speaker: 

For more than 30 years, Harvard Professor Mahzarin Banaji has been researching how our minds operate and make decisions.  The science behind her groundbreaking work on implicit associations demonstrates how unconscious bias affects many of our decisions in the workplace.  

A Resume Tip That Might Help You:

Presenting good information before other sections of your resume helps!

For example , what if I told you that this person was evil then listed their resume OR what if I gave you the resume then said that the person was evil

For the person that I said was evil after listing off a great resume…You would compensate for the evilness with their good resume, whereas, you would automatically judge someone and disregarded everything I said if I told you they were evil before giving their resume. (Does that make sense? Say it out loud or digest that slowly, it took me a while to understand the message was: sugar coating does make your resume sweeter…)

“Our discrimination comes in who we help” - Professor Banaji

Who do you help with their career? Who do you take out to lunch?

Not to say that I would say yes to everything but, this piece of knowledge made me reflect on the people I’ve helped or rejected. I’ve made some pretty biased decisions and am now cognizant about an updated, less biased, process of decision making.

If you don’t give people a chance, how will they improve?

P.S. Any college student seeking a job has this written all across their face during that post-graduation job search.

I really enjoy going to events, meeting inspirational figures, and hearing other people's perspectives on relevant topics. It's a great way to meet like-minded individuals and dig deeper into your own morals and boundaries.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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