King Richard's Faire Ticket GIVEAWAY

Huzzah...! As the knights and princesses proclaim. King Richard's Faire has settled it's wonderland depths in Carver, MA. Last year I attended with my family and we had a fun experience. It was different, new and unlike any other family amusement park. I'm hesitant to even categorize it as an amusement park because it is more like a 'flash to the WAY past'.  

What’s new in the realm of Carvershire……
King Richard and Queen Anne are thrilled to entertain their guests for the 34th season of King Richard’s Faire!

The enchanted forest of Carvershire is abuzz with fabulous new performers including: Squire of the Wire, a high-wire comedy and juggling act; Topsy Turvey, the amazing acrobatic (and flexible) woman duo; Baba Yaga, the stilt-walking story teller; The Princess Sing-A-Long Show, our three beautiful princess will enchant even the littlest of visitors with their fabulous voices; Draiku, this dazzling duo will amaze with their silk aerialist skills; our life size Lady Tree will tower over the Majesty’s patrons with her beautiful branches; new members of our royal court will join your old favorites in this season’s original themed musical on the King’s Stage and last, but not least, the King’s new sword-fighting, hilarious singing trio, Mis-Adventurers.

The royal chef has been busy all year creating scrumptious new delectables for royalty, nobles and peasants alike.

Queen Anne and her ladies in waiting will enjoy shopping amongst the realm’s newest merchants: Silverleaf Studios, gorgeous copper, silver and brass wire-wrapped jewelry; Drinan Crafts, our talented new potter; Mordork Clothing and Mordork Jewelry, the newest line of 16th century attire; Your Historic Timeline, allows patrons to trace their birthdates and family named histories; Imaginarium Galleries, fabulous hand-controlled Drabbit puppets to sit upon your shoulder; Majestic Ink, a new kind of 16th century temporary “ink” to apply to your body; Opinicus Bath and Body, this terrific artisan offers all organic bath and body products for both women and men; and Kaleidoscope Silver, will be joining the realm for just two weekends (Sept. 26-27 & Oct. 3-4) selling their fine made silver jewelry; Moonstar Collections, has a wonderful collection of essential oil blends for use in their ceramic wear and vessels; Designs by Nature Gems, will also be joining the realm as a guest artisan for two weekends beginning Sept. 19 thru Sept. 27).

So you want to go King Richard's Faire? I'm here to give you tickets and tell you why it's the place to be (well from now until October 25th because, that's when it close). 
Maybe I'll see you there!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

SO HOW TO WIN THE TICKETS???? Enter the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK my knights and queens of the millenial era.

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