Workout Gear That Got Me to The Gym

What is your favorite fitness gear of 2015?!

The North Face Mountain Athletic women apparel team has put together a superb Fall 2015 fitness clothing line. Over the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to try out some of the gear myself.

The Mountain Athletics gear is: "Engineered with DRYXD technology that; keeps you dry and won't snag, pill or pull. Materials designed to stretch, flex and move with your most rigorous workout." 

Grab a friend and try new fitness gear!

The Women's Dynamix Leggings (as pictured above, on the right) are super snug, versatile leggings. I am a medium and they were a bit tight, like compression shorts tight but just bearable for me. I would suggest trying them on to make sure they are comfortable. They come in grey, black, and 'starry purple'. What made these pants comfy and bearable, through the tightness, is the breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying fabric. Also they are super stylish and durable for yoga, running, mountain climbing, etc. 

The Women's Dynamix Hoodie (as pictured above, on the right) offers wind protection to reduce the chill factor during outdoor activities. It is true to size and slimming on the hips, ladies! (winky face and thumbs up emoji). I was pleased to discover that the hoodie is weather-resistant and abrasion resistant with the soft shell material at shoulder and hood. Meaning: rain, rain, go away! This hoodie can take your weather conditions any day! 

Workout in new locations!

That's me rope walking #neverstopexploring
Next up is the Women's Dynamix Pants (as pictured above)... These are your ultimate lazy day but, I still want to look like I'm trying pants. These pants are uber comfortable with a soft and sleek satin backing that glides up your legs and makes waking up and being active worth it. The North Face calls them pants but, they remind me of joggers and can be styled as so. I wore them with the elastic ankles either scrunched up to my knees or kept them put at my ankles. I tucked in my Women's Dynamix Short Sleeve Tee because, it had a slimming effect at my waist, with the elastic bands of the pants, and completed my overall comfortable ensemble.   

The Women's Ultra Kilowatt Trainer shoe is a piece of work. There are a ton of features that Mountain Athletics wanted to include to match a large variety of audiences. The official features include: breathable, wicking fabric, lightweight, rubber toe cap for protection, airmesh, specialized footbed/outsole/midsole. All of these add-ons confused my feet and I had a mixing pot of first impressions with the shoe, it depended on what type of activity I was doing. When I ran; the shoe was sturdy, comfortable, and breathable but NOT lightweight. When I had to walk or stand for long hours; the shoe provided a neutral stride and strong midsole. This strong midsole combined with the rubber cap, made my feet feel squished and tight after long hours. However, I am working on 'breaking in' the sneakers to force a more comfortable ride. The shoes are an overall 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Bird: Arghh! Love your clothes.. Arghh! 
Jacket and Leggings c/o The North Face

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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*I received The North Face apparel complimentary, in exchange for my services*

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