Best #NBGNO Experience of the Summer

Boston was home to the New Balance Girls' Night Out Surfset event last night and it was hands down my favorite out of all of my #NBGNO experiences. The experience included; a jog to the Esplanade and a total body workout on surfboards (sans the ocean)! I can't forget to mention the pre- and post-party gatherings at the New Balance Back Bay store. The post-workout party completes the #NBGNO experience. Meet local fitness lovers or come with old friends, and enjoy appetizers while sipping and jamming to guest DJs. 

For this event I actually arrived solo and set out to reach out to any other attendees holding up the walls with their face in their phone and drink in hand. I met a fellow social media professional and chatted away about marketing strategies. You never know who you will meet! This event was filled with like minded people which, made me more comfortable with reaching out to strangers. Shortly after one conversation I turned around and came face to face with Allie from Alliewears Fashion Blog. Allie's blog is regularly updated and has gorgeous fashion post (as well as her instagram!). Allie and I were both participating in the surfing class so, we were workout blogger chicas for the remainder of the evening. I also always get to catch up with blogger friends at these events and worked out next to bloggers; Jen and Rachel.

For this event the participants had the option of either a 3.4 mile run or Surfset class on the Esplanade. I opted for the Surfset class with about 25 other motivated ladies. The view of the Esplanade from our workout was exceptionally stunning this evening. Upon arriving to the location, I immediately noticed that our instructor was Arnold Schwarzenegger ripped. Like... six pack for days and triceps made of gold. At first I thought, "Hmm.. she must really be into fitness?" But then I realized, "Oh no... this is going to be a hard core workout. Literally." BRING IT ON...!!!    

Twenty minutes later, I did start to question my own personal workout regiment and whether or not I was reaching enough muscles. This workout was pushing limits and burning parts of my body that needed building. Surfset also host at home visits and group classes at their studio.  I highly recommend Surfset classes, if accessible to you. Wear some athletic crop pants/tank and grab some friends for a fun time building, burning, and toning your bod. 

Aside from the workout and fun networking, kudos to New Balance for ah-mazing premium goodies bag. I will be monogramming my tote bag and rocking the towel to my next beach visit.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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P.S. I used the BeFunky Photo Edit to add text to my photos and made complete noob mistakes on these photos. Forgive me... They aren't totally cringe worthy, more like laugh out loud and shake your head worthy.

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