A Women Engineer In Training: WECode Harvard Experience

I would like to send my love and appreciation to everyone I met and networked with at #WeCode Harvard and look forward to staying connected and possibly working with you lovely ladies in the future!

I am sharing my notes and thoughts from WeCode Harvard, a conference for technical college students, because; 1) I am a huge advocate for information being easily available to everyone. 2) I aim to start a conversation around Women in Tech or any topic mentioned below. 3) I am documenting my journey as a W.E.T (Women Engineer in Training). Join me and freely share your thoughts and opinions below. I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it!

#WeCode Notes
  • Print resume on card stock
  • For career fairs:
  • Look up recruiter and connect with them (i.e. fun facts)
  • your pitch
  • banter (questions for the company)
  • logistics questions for recruiters
  • follow up

  • Dona Sarkar’s advice: Learn swift and build an iphone app.
    • Sites that help me:
  • Keynote talk:
    • Be customer obsesses
    • Watch someone who uses your product. (i.e watch someone read my blog: find flaws, pros and cons)
    • First to market is better than perfect
    • Customer need = greatest negotiation tactic
    • Website to visit: I Want Her Job (get connected w/ Women in Tech)
    • Explore your curiosity (i.e try classed that fuel your passion during your undergrad
    • Keep up with the future (i.e idea: make wearables attractive!)
    • The Future; Nobodynamics luna (a housewife robot), Saving lives with 3D printing, Shoes of Prey (Innovation for demands with no solutions), Hololens (a plug about a Microsoft product that emphasizes; design, exploration, communication)
    • “Technologist are the modern day alchemist”
    • Must see Ted-talk: Start With Why

  • Notes from next keynotes:
  • If someone invests in you, latch on!
  • Check out LinkedIn Women program (huge want!)
  • Facebook Lean In mission: To empower all women to achieve their ambitions
  • Goldman Sachs favors Harvard students (tip: Fill up resume with all Harvard programs attended) (P.S My team won 3rd place at #WeCode Harvard so Goldman Sachs if you’re reading this I am a first year mechanical engineer to look out for!)
  • Look up: Conway’s law

  • Laura from Facebook and She++
    • Talk about: An idea to product
    • Product finder > Business finder
    • Product designing: Fight for the people and for the product
    • Introduced Facebook’s new product ‘Place Tips’
What we learned:
Place Tips pop up on your phone when near a Facebook Bluetooth beacons. Wifi then alerts phone of location active with Place Tips and you see place feed of said location. The place feed includes; people’s post from their experiences there and which allows customers to better interact with the business.
    • My personal research and review of Place Tips after #WeCode: Place Tips is basically, Yelp + Foursquare had a child and out came FB’s Place Tips. The product is great for travelers, date preparation, and business press. Receives an 8 out of 10 in my book, seems like a pretty legit product. 
    • Entrepreneurship talk: motivational, keep going with your ideas!

Was there a piece of advice that stood out to you?

If you are in the tech field what piece of advice would you give to a WET (Women Engineer in Training)?

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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