Friday, January 23, 2015

Outfits: Bloomingdale's Picks

Bloomingdale's is not on the map for collegiate/teen fashion so, I was excited to find these hidden jewels in their outlet store. My main shopping mission was to find pieces that complimented a short petite figure. Let me know how I did?

I started off the outfit selection with a mid-thigh skater skirt and loose blouse, tucked in. I didn't even have to look for jewelry because the blouse is already embellished with diamonds in the shape of a collar. The head band is a cute addition for colder days during the winter. You won't have to sacrifice warmness for cuteness is this ensemble. 

This outfit can work for all shapes and sizes. If you own black leggings then this top would be a great addition to your closet. This is a tri-layered top and black leggings ensemble. The top's base layer is a loose blouse, next frills that accent the striped crop top. I imagine this top perfect for lazy days where I want to look like I tried or even if I actually tried I could easily transform from day to night situations. 

This is the same skater skirt ensemble depicted earlier however, I removed the headband {and added a bit more sass}.

I have more pictures from my Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, Bloomingdale's visit on my facebook page (essential poses that every fashion blogger uses).

This outfit is a similar build of the skater skirt ensemble however, add a few more doses of pizazz and we get this. Outfit: Golden tutu and a black button up tank top to tone done the tutu. I love the gold in this outfit because it compliments my brown hair beautifully. With a two-tone outfit like this a pop of color with lipstick or accessories is great.

What is your go-to figure flattering outfit?

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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