Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Wellness Gear and Tips

2015 is hosting a handful of winter wellness/fitness challenges for people of all shapes and abilities. Moreover, the winter brings a whole new level of procrastination so to keep up with my winter fitness challenges I need great gear to guide my lack of motivation out the door.

This Christmas/holiday season give the right (and useful) gift to your athletic loved one or marathon running family member. 
The Ultimate Armband 
The fitness gear that I am sharing with you is the Sport i-25 Armpocket and I had a nice test run with it so, I'm sure you'll love it! The touch screen protector was responsive; however, I did have to tap twice or pause mid-run to get my phone to respond. The memory foam and comfy strap curves perfectly to my body. I slipped the armband; with my phone, keys, and granola bar inside, before heading off for my run (After rereading this post, I can see that maybe it was silly of me to carry a granola bar. I like to be prepared for everything and eat my post workout snack like right after finishing my run). The band is light and not a cumbersome addition to my run.

I used to think that running bands were bulky, would be cumbersome, and the wide velcro strap would irritate my skin. Well all of that is FALSE! This is not the case with Armpocket. The Armpocket is such an easy addition to my running regiment and super helpful with letting me listen to my music with my phone and carry essentials.

Reasons to adore the Sport i-25 Armpocket:
Water Resistant
Machine Washable
Headphone Music Port
Touch Control Window
Eco-Friendly Product
Quality, Durable Construction
No-Slip Memory Foam
Comfortable Vented Strap

Product details:
Price: $35
Colors: Black/Pink/Yellow/Orange/Red/Purple/Splash
Strap length: adjustable (the Armpocket website has the dimensions of the strap and it is adjustable for your liking)

Shirts: New Balance // Bottoms: C9 by Champion

Before I go, I just wanted to share some winter wellness tips:
Stay Motivated
Stay Moisturized
Stay Hydrated

Happy holidays and don't forget to share any winter challenges you've heard about! New Year Resolutions count to! Comment below.
Sport i-25 ArmPocket

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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