Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NuNaat Hair Review for Mixed Women

Try out my new friends NuNaat Garlic Magic crew...!
The lovely team over at NuNaat sent over some hair products for me to try out. I have thick hair and am a frequent swimmer so, I went for the NuNaat Garlic Magic kit that said it strengthens damaged hair.  I've used every home remedy in the book to moisturize, tame, or strengthen thick hair. Most products take consistent use over a long period time. With NuNaat I felt a difference in texture after the first week. 

I told you NuNaat gets the job done!
If you are looking for a hair volumizer than I would suggest checking out sets available on the NuNaat site. If you have thin hair or want to boost up your natural kinks than NuNaat has the potential to deliver.

Good products don't have to be expensive to help your hair. NuNaat's leave-in conditioner has multiple Aqua (water) based ingredients to hold in moisture for dry locks. However because this product is inexpensive, the "alittle goes a long way" rule does not apply here. Every product states "apply generously" so instead of your usual palm full of product, go ahead and squeeze out a tennis ball dallop size of product.

Also I would recommend to follow up with a hot oil, or some type of oil treatment because there is alcohol in the products. I am assuming NuNaat did this to adhere to all hair types so if you have lovely kinky locks, feed those babies with a nice oil rub down.

I'll hook you up with one of my new friends!
NuNaat has a pleasant smell and is very reasonably price. You can find their collections at your local Walgreens or Walmart (US customers). I personally would not change my normal regiment for this kit but, I had fun experimenting with it and thickening my hair for a week. Check out how I styled my hair after using NuNaat here.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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