Boston Family Fun: King Richard's Renaissance Faire

For 33 years in Carver, MA a team of dedicated New Englanders set up, for eight consecutive weekends, one of the largest and longest-running Renaissance Festival. Tucked away on 80 acres of enchanted forest, the Faire is open 10:30 am to 6 pm each day. My family arrived Columbus Day weekend around 1pm, expecting the crowds to have slimmed down, only to find that the festivities were just getting into full swing. 

We packed up our royal court in the buggie and headed towards the 16th century fantasyland. Tickets for adults ($29) and children ($16). 
  • Rides are an additional $2-$3
  • Food vendors only accept food tickets which can be purchase in bulks of 5/$5. So for example 15 tickets = $15. One soda = 4 tickets = $4. 
  • Performers accept tip (because this is how they make a living) so bring dollar bills for that.
  • There are artisan shops throughout the faire so bring more dollar bills for that too!
  • (Money, money, money, muunnn-nayyy, MUN-NAY)

After parking our car in a dirt field we could only hear the excitement coming from inside the Faire but, we could not see anything besides the entrance door. The only hints that we received of what we were about to experience were the many costumes, creatures, and knights we encountered in the parking lot. After passing a few fairies throwing fairy dust and a man in a kilt, my brother and I were practically running towards the entrance to squish our curiosity. 

We were instantly met by two costumed nobles put in place to make sure that no outside food came in and to collect tickets. BTW you literally can't have any type of outside food no matter the circumstance (ONLY exception; babies)

Have you ever tasted a giant turkey keg? Yeah me too, so here is a place to try them! Head over to Castlegate Inn and Lancaster Lane to experience some one of a kind Renaissance Faire activities along with jousting and tiger shows. 

Shining Armor

My royal court and I (aka my family) had finally entered a past era, The Renaissance. If I was more prepared I would have definitely donned a more elaborate costume. We smelled funnel cakes aka "Peasant Pies", saw teems of wenches, crossed paths with lifesize puppets, and heard 16th century entertainment sounds. 

When we ordered food it was really hard to find seating so, we had to stand to the side and people watch while we munched on our lunch. The large paper soda cups don't have any tops... I don't know why because there is dirt and leaves misting the air and every time I walked the soda slushed around. I would bring a reusable tumbler to put my soda in for the next trip because open air soda only lasts for so long.  

My Irish cousin stopped by for a visit... ode to my father's side of the family ;)

With so much excitement happening at once we could only stare in awe and enjoy everything that just so happen to be in front of us. I loved taking pictures with the different characters and watching all of the shows positioned on one of the eight stages at the Faire. 

Even though we were given a map and some version of a schedule at a gate we still were unsure of what exactly was happening at any given time. I would recommend that you check out the website and plan out your adventure ahead of time. You know that point in a family road trip or any trip in general when every is aggravated due to disorganization, crowds, confusion, etc. Well my royal court and I had a moment of agitation towards the end of the day when everyone wanted to make sure they got souvenirs or saw a show we missed.   

Casual Renaissance Faire ensemble 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

*Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary admission in exchange for a review. As always all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting my blog.*

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