Pensole Boston with Dwayne Edwards LEAD Academy

On my blog facebook page I posted a link to a newspaper article that is an interview of my brother and I about the Pensole Lead program founded by Nike/Jordan designer Dwayne Edwards. In the interviews and pictures you get to see the glitz and glamour... if you came to the presentation night than you received the finished product of all the hard work that my team and the other teams accomplished. No one really understands how much time we spent; understanding new concepts, learning about the sneaker industry and applying these into our projects. 

Go ahead take a peek... What is something you've always wanted to know about the exclusive sneaker industry? 
My groups pre-show photo: photos by Rafael Feliciano Cumbas
I want to share with you snippets of my diary and notes that I gathered throughout the Pensole Boston program.  I anticipated the rush of embarking on a new experience and I grabbed the challenge by the horns. Starting with day one...

Program Rules:
  1. Start at 10AM
  2. Speak up. Ask Q’s
  3. No Egos
  4. Keep it clean at MIT
  5. Divertido! Have fun :D
  6. No sombreros.
  7. Be professional

Day One Notes:
  • Need: Logo (Personal brand, Biz cards)
  • “I don’t have limits… I have to do lists” -Semirah Dolan
  • Jordan 2’s inspired by a pencil (use your imagination)
  • Dream Killer’s are people:
    • With No dreams
    • Who Don’t understand
    • Who Can’t think beyond what they do
  • Come up with your personal:
    • Strengths: Finding opportunities
    • Weakness: Formulating my thoughts (What am I doing about this? See here.)
  • Assigned teams: TEAM ONE (Ayyy!)
  • Class theme: Y.O.U (lol look: Why. Owe. You)
  • Marketing question (Yet to be answered!) Self-promotion → how is this done professionally?
  • Dwayne’s 8 personal goals for the class:
    • Challenge students to think
    • Share industry knowledge
    • Be inspirational
    • Improve students verbal communication skills
    • Improve students time management skills
    • Get the best out of the students
    • Develop leadership skills
  • Personal goals for each individual student:
    • Think of who you really are
    • Consider yourself a brand
    • Be an inspiration
    • Challenge yourself to be better than yesterday
    • Promise yourself you won’t let anyone outwork you
    • Your actions dictate your future
    • Learn from your past to create your future
    • Be the best you you can be
Me presenting on stage: photos by Rafael Feliciano Cumbas
  • Daily creative outlets:
    • Quote: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” -Jay-Z
    • Website:
    • Book: Decoded by Jay-Z

  • Sneaker Industry Career Profiles for class:

    • Product Marketing
      • Brand and consumer research
      • Beginning of the shoe developing process
      • Find market opportunitites
      • Need great verbal communication
      • Road map for designer
      • Deliverables: Product design brief
    • Designer
      • Work with P.M
      • Skillset: Sketching/Visual communication/Sneaker Jargon
    • Product developer
      • Make sure the design can be physically made/manufactured
      • Skillset: Material knowledge/Cost & Revenue/Written communication
      • Deliverables: Bill of materials (Cost & Components)
    • Sales
      • The art of persuasion
      • Skillset: Retail sales & terms/Business planning/Verbal communication
    • Buyer
      • Skillset: Retail/Business planning/Buying product knowledge
    • Brand Marketing
      • Convince people to go to store to buy product
      • Create a vision for the brand
      • Knowledge of marketing strategies
      • Visual communication

Article on South Coast Today site

Grammarly yours, Semirah

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