Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11 Things A Blogger Would Do If The Purge Was Real

The Purge: The Purge film is centered on a 12 hour period which is selected by the government where there are no laws that are enforced and any type of crime can be committed.

Here is a list I compiled, from my 3 years of experience as a blogger, about the 11 things I think bloggers would do with their time during the Purge.

1. Maim the fingers of that anonymous commenter who feels that a screen can protect them. We will find you Mr. CyberBully.
2. Steal: A personal stylist/makeup artist/photographer/website designer

3. Hunker down in a (fully stocked) shelter. 
It would take me the 12 hours of the Purge to fully appreciate a closet like this!
4. Get homies and gather weapons
via Dulce's fb page

5. Find the PR rep for Louis Vuitton and force a partnership contract
6. Hack into your competitors blog and make all their links go back to your site

7. Throw garbage at the PR companies who insult you for not doing free work for them

8. A month before the purge start posting Purge OOTD’s & Must-Have Accessories to survive. (Get your Katniss on w/ that bow and arrow)
9. Get ready to use your neighborhood turned battlefield as a background for some creative photo shoots.
10. Be an attention seeker and do everything you’re not suppose to do while filming it live for your blog. (I.E Interview psychotic killers, take selfies with dead people, actually attempt to kill something, go partying, leave the house)


11. Simply catch up on that daunting to-do list of blog posts and follow up on emails!

Because the movie claims that there is only 1% unemployment you should have enough money to buy your own high end bags/accessories so... yeah, no need to pilage Gucci, Louis, Fendi, etc.

Grammarly yours, Semirah

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