Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweets and Treats

Lovely Candy Co c/o // MultiFlask c/o Precidio 
The summer is coming to an end and late nights are complimented with light jackets. All of my friends are trying to get in last minute brunches, picnics, soirees, etc. This being said everyone has already tasted my homemade chocolate chip cookies and over the top casserole dish.. so now what do I bring to the party? 

Deciding what food item to bring to a party is a slight headache.. Especially when you have to consider allergies, gluten-free, fat-free, red die number 56 free, etc. etc. This is where Lovely Candy Co. comes into play. The team over at Lovely Candy Co sent over different flavors of their organic chewy candy for my friends and I to try. Their fruit flavors have real fruit chunks fo' da' VEGANS! (whoop whoop). And their caramel and fudge flavors are with rbst free diary! Every one wins :D

via Amazon
Most of you that have met me via instagram or in person know that I am a braceface and bracefaces have certain food restrictions. Such as: no caramel, gummies, popcorn, ice, anything found at your local grocery store, etc. With a large list like that it is hard for me to find foods that I can actually chew and still follow the rules (Lol ask me when is the last time I had gum!). Lovely Candy Co. chewy candy is soft and melts with the warmth of your mouth. No more caramel stuck in between your teeth. These candies are easier to eat and healthier for your body. Like I said before this is all a win-win situation. 

Influenster Vitality Vox Box

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: A soccer girls first aid BFF. Athletes deal with cuts, burns, bruises, and more! First Degree is too the rescue for preventing scars and pain relief. 

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Can all the athletic collegiates just snap for this. #girlprobs

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: refreshing cup of tea in the middle of the busy city!

Softlips Cube

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: My new fave "pick me up" snack.

Total Value: Approx. $36.50

*Disclaimer: I received the Vitality Vox Box c/o Influenster. You don't have to be a blogger to get freebies! Also the Loyalty Candy Company packs were provided to me complimentary in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are honest and my own*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Be The Change Award - Massachusetts Conference for Women 2014

August 19, 2014                                                           

Massachusetts Conference for Women Calls for 2014 Be The Change Award Nominations
Award honors one woman from the Commonwealth for her charitable work

Boston, MA – The 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women will once again recognize one woman from Massachusetts who has made a powerful impact on individual lives and in her community. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2014 Be the Change Award, which will be given to a special woman whose work aligns with the mission of the Conference — helping women and girls achieve their full potential while exemplifying compassion and commitment to improving the lives of the people in their communities. The recipient will be honored in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 attendees at this year’s Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday, December 4, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition.

“I am proud the Conference has made it a priority to celebrate individuals and organizations that embody the Conference’s mission of empowering women and young girls,” said Renee Connolly, Head of Communications for EMD Millipore, Corporation and MA Conference for Women Board Member. ”This has been our goal since we launched the Conference a decade ago and we are thrilled with the progress our attendees have created.”

For the last nine years, the Conference has recognized several women and organizations that have empowered women and girls in communities across Massachusetts; individuals like Judy Giovangelo of Ben Speaks Louder Than Words and Connie Smith for her work with Women’s Lunch Place; and organizations like St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children and Science Club for Girls. These women and organizations inspire the public by motivating others to carry out their calls to action, by serving as a champion for their cause and by demonstrating a clear record of accomplishment in addressing urgent, relevant and complex problems. They also maintain consistent, long-lasting relationships with the people and communities in which they work. 

“The Conference will continue its tradition of recognizing those in the Commonwealth whose work truly creates positive change,” said Lynn D. Tinney, Americas VP of Channels for Riverbed Technology and MA Conference for Women Board Member. “This year’s Be The Change Award will highlight the philanthropic work of one woman who not only illustrates the Conference’s mission of women empowerment, but also embodies the idea of ‘The Power of Us’.”

For more information and to download the nomination form for the 2014 Be The Change Award, please visit or contact Chelsea Franklin or 512-432-1943. 

The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 24, 2014.  

To learn more about the 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, please visit our website, follow us on Twitter at or like our Facebook page

Last year's conference with Leymah Gbowee

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11 Things A Blogger Would Do If The Purge Was Real

The Purge: The Purge film is centered on a 12 hour period which is selected by the government where there are no laws that are enforced and any type of crime can be committed.

Here is a list I compiled, from my 3 years of experience as a blogger, about the 11 things I think bloggers would do with their time during the Purge.

1. Maim the fingers of that anonymous commenter who feels that a screen can protect them. We will find you Mr. CyberBully.
2. Steal: A personal stylist/makeup artist/photographer/website designer

3. Hunker down in a (fully stocked) shelter. 
It would take me the 12 hours of the Purge to fully appreciate a closet like this!
4. Get homies and gather weapons
via Dulce's fb page

5. Find the PR rep for Louis Vuitton and force a partnership contract
6. Hack into your competitors blog and make all their links go back to your site

7. Throw garbage at the PR companies who insult you for not doing free work for them

8. A month before the purge start posting Purge OOTD’s & Must-Have Accessories to survive. (Get your Katniss on w/ that bow and arrow)
9. Get ready to use your neighborhood turned battlefield as a background for some creative photo shoots.
10. Be an attention seeker and do everything you’re not suppose to do while filming it live for your blog. (I.E Interview psychotic killers, take selfies with dead people, actually attempt to kill something, go partying, leave the house)


11. Simply catch up on that daunting to-do list of blog posts and follow up on emails!

Because the movie claims that there is only 1% unemployment you should have enough money to buy your own high end bags/accessories so... yeah, no need to pilage Gucci, Louis, Fendi, etc.

Grammarly yours, Semirah

Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Reasons You NEED Bed Bug Protection in College

1. Peace of Mind
On average American’s spend 40% more on their expenses just for “Peace of Mind” reasons. I.E. Insurance (Life, Car, Electronics, Animals, etc.). It is the western civilizations natural instinct to opt for backup plans. Having insurance won’t give you immunization from incidents, just like how having a bed bug mattress protector won’t sword off bed bugs from your life but, it will give you a peace of mind to know that those little pests aren’t partying on sweet nectar while you sleep.


2. They feed on blood and stay up in there like swimwear
Bed bug’s food source is blood. Unless you have a pet in your small dorm than you are the main course meal. I am neither Team Vampire, Team Cullen, or Team Mosquitos so biting is off limits.


3. Prevents bugs from harboring on/inside your bed mattress
Bed bug’s stay close to the source that feeds them, hence the name “bed” bugs, because that’s one place you’ll always be and use. Having a mattress protector will prevent bugs from hiding because the protector has close knit seams that don’t allow anything to claw in or out. PureCare's MiteTight® seams and locking zippers combined with their OmniGuard® Advance light weight performance fabric ensures that the mattress covers are quiet and cool. That has been a miracle for me! My bed doesn’t hold on to heat and it protects me from the bad guys!

4. Healthy environment in a dirty world
You are living in a building with probably more than 200 other college students. That is a dirty place. You are all 18-25 years old and probably still haven’t figured out that your room needs more than a swiffer broom and trash can. Create your own peaceful haven bed bug-free.


5. Breathe Easy
You’ve been out studying, raving, working out, etc. I know want you to be able to sleep easy like me. Certain mattress protectors also prevent bacteria growth, protections from dust-mites, molds, allergens, and more. For instance the PureCare Aromatherapy Total Encasement Mattress Protector does just that! There are also additional measures I like to take when setting up my room environment however most college campuses don’t allow candles and incense (my fav go-to decor). Thankfully the PureCare mattress includes scented satchels attached to the mattress cover in five scents such as: lavender, jasmine, mandarin, etc. So now you have a small haven that is bed bug free, dust mite free, allergen free, and smells good too!

What extra steps do you take to make sure your room is comfortable to sleep in?

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: I received a PureCare product in exchange for a feature in my Bed Bug Campaign. All opinions are my own and this campaign is ongoing w/ 3 more posts during Fall/Winter 2014*

Friday, August 15, 2014

Boston Model Spotlight: Dellicia Shorter

Maxi Dress c/o The Girl That Loves boutique // Shoes: Sperry 
The Girl That Loves Boutique has beautiful dresses, tutus and apparel. My goddess mother is modeling the turquoise maxi dress with slits on both sides and she accented her outfit with pink accessories.

Jewelry: Misc. gifts from travels
As you can tell by the button up combo a maxi dress can be dressed up or down and even worn throughout most seasons. Winter may be a challenge.. hmmm: Tie up the bottom, throw on some cute leggings w/ boots and you may just have set a new trend!

This dress is wicked comfortable and is perfect for almost any casual occasion. It is hard to find the perfect maxi so when you finally do it's like your destiny to be together.

Also my mom isn't a coffee drinker but we lah-ovee tea! Hence the travel mug..

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: This women is not only a beautiful model but, she is also an amazing role model. Thanks mom for helping out with my blog*

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boston Fitness Review: Hike with True Runner Chestnut Hill

True Runner in Chestnut Hill, MA hosted about 10 selected bloggers for a 3 mile hike. I was so excited to attend this event because not only were we working out but Sweetgreen and Sweet bakery treated us to brunch later that afternoon. New Balance and Tom Tom both showed up to provide product for the bloggers to test out. We wear tested New Balance 880's and Tom Tom's cardio watch.

The New Balance 880's (I am not sure if that is the exact name of these shoes, I will update if I hear anything different) are equipped with New Balance's Revlite cushioning. The main focus for this shoe was to increase durability with the minimal possible materials for a minimalist shoe. My only con to this shoe is that the laces are uncomfortable and need to be carefully adjusted before activities. Because this shoe is very light I am not sure whether or not I would use them as a running shoe, I just don't feel the support.  

My Day Hiking Gear: Vapur water bobble // Protein Bar // Vintage Vera Bradley pack
You can definitely tell from my day pack, in the picture above, that I am not a hardcore hiker. Even though we did a casual adventure around the town and back streets as our "hike", my preparation was completely amateur. And get this...?! I even packed a phone charger and Nikon dslr camera. You can take a city girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of the girl!

As bloggers and social media mavens being stripped of distractions and electronics is hard. Thankfully TomTom was present to give us our gadget fix. We were hooked up with cool watches that tracked our speed, distance, (some of the watches also tracked:) heartbeat, racing goals, etc. The era of wearable technology is now in our backyard. Embrace it or stare at it like that dusty fax machine in the office.  

Sweetgreen served up some delicious and healthy salads. This salad joint is on the role towards 27 locations in the East Coast and rapidly expanding. It is a feat to explain Sweetgreen because, each location has its own vibe but signature Sweetgreen experience. The owners of Sweetgreen, Georgetown grads, are huge music lovers and incorporate that into the brand. Each store has a customized playlist that meets the demand of it's location and the staff are always happy/friendly people. I ate the Gazpacho (upper right w/ peach slices) and Kale Ceasar salad (w/ my fav Parmesan crisp!). 

Red Velvet & Yellow
Cupcakes. Deliciousness. Enough said.

Cupcake shots. Dude... Like seriously. Life is now complete.

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: I was provided my meals and TrueRunner experience complimentary with the Boston Brunchers group.*

Monday, August 11, 2014

Boston Family Fun: Kings Dedham Bowling

If you are looking for fun things to do in Boston with kids and adults here is a review of a local bowling alley: Kings. Kings is famous for bringing in celebrity guest, great food and awesome memories! Bring the kids to score their first strike and then buy trophies from the Kings' gift shop as a keepsake. Bowling and dinner for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) will run you around $100-$120. However the Dedham location is in a beautiful shopping complex so you could easily spend the entire day at one location.

Traded in my Jack Rogers for Kings Classic Bowling Shoes

The Kings Dedham's bowling shoes are comfortable with regular ankle socks. I didn't feel any irritation throughout our 2 games. This guy who was a professional bowler was at the lane next to us and he had his own bowling ball, shoes and uniform. Pretty cool but, the Kings' equipment is more than adequate for bowling festivities. However the booths that are set up per lane are pretty close to each other. The only thing separating families are small coffee tables. So there was a small lack of privacy. You can either buy 2 lanes to play and take up the whole booth or cross your fingers for a cool family to share the booth with.

Appetizer (Southwestern Spring Rolls  & Homemade Guacamole Salsa) 

Steak Tips & Pizza
The food was surprisingly really good! I expected mediocre greasy American food upon arrival. Kings Dedham had big portions, seafood options and an obviously great chef because all of our meals were on pointe!

Spicy Crispy Honey Orange Chicken // Corn Bread // Scallops & Mach Potato 

Maple Marinated Scallops entree

I ordered the Maple Marinated Scallops and I think this was one of my first times enjoying scallops. This dish was very rich with beautiful flavor and fresh scallops. I could only finish 2/5 scallops, side of veggies and half of my mash potato serving.

Surprise Birthday Oreo Brownie Sundae treat
Before we started bowling we mentioned at check-in that it's my brother's birthday and the Kings Dedham crew treated him to a dessert and song. How sweet! Again the portions are big so that sundae was shared with 4 people.

Overall my family and I had a beautiful experience and much needed play time. Kings Dedham is an ideal date spot, friend gathering, reunion, etc. Travel here solo, partnered, 4 friends, 14 friends...

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: I was provided a gift certificate to visit Kings Bowl. As always all opinions are my own and I appreciate all who support the companies I promote. #BlogKings*

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What To Wear Your First Day of College

Shoes c/o White Mountain
You know that one class on campus that seems to not even exist! Umm yeah, when you are running around campus trying to keep your composure together but get to class on time you'd ideally want to be wearing some comfy shoes as opposed to loud and delaying heels.

Please hand me the comfy shoes because, those blisters from speed walking in heels were kill-ah! But don't settle for comfort, stylish is still achievable. White Mountain shoe company basically made it their mission to provide stylish comfy shoes.

You are going to be told this 20+ plus times and if not yet then let me just wave a flag saying; "College is NOT like high school." The objective of the first day is not to pick out the cutest outfit and expect to gain brownie points and a circle of friends. 

Work on being who you are and dressing for yourself. The first semester of college is for discovering yourself and figuring out where you want to be. Be comfortable! Be Be Comfortable!

I opt for classic Levi jeans for bottoms and there's the option to cuff them because it still may be hot and humid when school starts for you.

Becausseee... there is so much happening during the first few weeks of college I prefer a versatile outfit. This outfit needs to take me from night to day with the switch of either makeup, accessories or shirt. 

Artsy Pic Bruh. 

Heart Lace shirt c/o The Girl That Loves boutique
Here's the full view of the outfit I proposed for the first week of college. The lace shirt I am wearing can easily be accessorized for any season!

Grammarly yours, Semirah

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pensole Boston with Dwayne Edwards LEAD Academy

On my blog facebook page I posted a link to a newspaper article that is an interview of my brother and I about the Pensole Lead program founded by Nike/Jordan designer Dwayne Edwards. In the interviews and pictures you get to see the glitz and glamour... if you came to the presentation night than you received the finished product of all the hard work that my team and the other teams accomplished. No one really understands how much time we spent; understanding new concepts, learning about the sneaker industry and applying these into our projects. 

Go ahead take a peek... What is something you've always wanted to know about the exclusive sneaker industry? 
My groups pre-show photo: photos by Rafael Feliciano Cumbas
I want to share with you snippets of my diary and notes that I gathered throughout the Pensole Boston program.  I anticipated the rush of embarking on a new experience and I grabbed the challenge by the horns. Starting with day one...

Program Rules:
  1. Start at 10AM
  2. Speak up. Ask Q’s
  3. No Egos
  4. Keep it clean at MIT
  5. Divertido! Have fun :D
  6. No sombreros.
  7. Be professional

Day One Notes:
  • Need: Logo (Personal brand, Biz cards)
  • “I don’t have limits… I have to do lists” -Semirah Dolan
  • Jordan 2’s inspired by a pencil (use your imagination)
  • Dream Killer’s are people:
    • With No dreams
    • Who Don’t understand
    • Who Can’t think beyond what they do
  • Come up with your personal:
    • Strengths: Finding opportunities
    • Weakness: Formulating my thoughts (What am I doing about this? See here.)
  • Assigned teams: TEAM ONE (Ayyy!)
  • Class theme: Y.O.U (lol look: Why. Owe. You)
  • Marketing question (Yet to be answered!) Self-promotion → how is this done professionally?
  • Dwayne’s 8 personal goals for the class:
    • Challenge students to think
    • Share industry knowledge
    • Be inspirational
    • Improve students verbal communication skills
    • Improve students time management skills
    • Get the best out of the students
    • Develop leadership skills
  • Personal goals for each individual student:
    • Think of who you really are
    • Consider yourself a brand
    • Be an inspiration
    • Challenge yourself to be better than yesterday
    • Promise yourself you won’t let anyone outwork you
    • Your actions dictate your future
    • Learn from your past to create your future
    • Be the best you you can be
Me presenting on stage: photos by Rafael Feliciano Cumbas
  • Daily creative outlets:
    • Quote: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” -Jay-Z
    • Website:
    • Book: Decoded by Jay-Z

  • Sneaker Industry Career Profiles for class:

    • Product Marketing
      • Brand and consumer research
      • Beginning of the shoe developing process
      • Find market opportunitites
      • Need great verbal communication
      • Road map for designer
      • Deliverables: Product design brief
    • Designer
      • Work with P.M
      • Skillset: Sketching/Visual communication/Sneaker Jargon
    • Product developer
      • Make sure the design can be physically made/manufactured
      • Skillset: Material knowledge/Cost & Revenue/Written communication
      • Deliverables: Bill of materials (Cost & Components)
    • Sales
      • The art of persuasion
      • Skillset: Retail sales & terms/Business planning/Verbal communication
    • Buyer
      • Skillset: Retail/Business planning/Buying product knowledge
    • Brand Marketing
      • Convince people to go to store to buy product
      • Create a vision for the brand
      • Knowledge of marketing strategies
      • Visual communication

Article on South Coast Today site

Grammarly yours, Semirah

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