Visit Atlanta: Mint Julep, The Cookout, Latino Flea Market


Latino Flea Market

7 years ago when I first heard the term ‘Flea Market’ I recall imagining the actual flea bug but, I couldn't figure out how that correlated with markets. Soon later visiting flea markets all over the states became a family ritual and I now enjoy finding and resisting the urge to buy hidden treasures.

Today: I visited the flea market for discounted household items but my alternative motive was to find a foreign ‘wonder’ (some clothing/item neither found nor sold in USA).

Found: Delicious cups of fruit and frozen shaved fruit (they shaved an entire frozen mango in front of you!) --- Totally worth $2.50. Lol of course the only thing I care to leave with and purchase is food. (Yummm… when I travel the world I am going to be that tourists that eats every (reasonable) meal).

Productivity level: Snoop Dogg high porque I got the chance to practice my spanish for major deals and stellar negotiation opportunities. (And if you don’t know Snoop Dogg is a man famous for his public displays of the effects of marijuana so, ‘Snoop Dogg high’ is pretty far up there on the scale).

My first visit to Mint Julip a Lilly Pulitzer signature boutique

I have been obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer for a mere 2-3 years and have not had the chance to transform my wardrobe into a Lilly Pulitzer haven (unlike many LP fanatics I’ve met). There is a Lilly Pulitzer store in Boston and it is lovely. However I feel like the Atlanta location is just more rooted, native, and established. Basically Lilly seems more like a Southern trend and therefor the ladies at the Atlanta Mint Julep will be able to understand my adoration for the designer. I walk into the boutique and of course the southern hospitality doesn't fail me and I am graciously welcomed inside. The sales clerk are all in the back tea party style helping out another Northern belle (from Maine) become accustomed to their ways with a Lilly transformation. I am asked something along the lines of if I am looking for anything specific and I comment, “Hi I’m from Boston and when I seen this store I kind of stopped breathing and had to come in!”. One of the sales clerk reply, “Honey I completely understand. My dogs name is Lilly Pulitzer!” Me inside my head: Lol well whew we are definitely on the same page of uniqueness (slash oddness, slash slightly weird).

I may be a newbie to the Lilly love fest but, I am not a freshie to the value ($$$) of LP pieces. I hit a b-line towards the glowing 50% off sales rack because, “Who can resist a sale?” …. Right none of you so st-ahp pretending. Let’s rewind this conversation *rewind* I said FIFTY percent off…. Yes I still can not breathe. Mind you there is a rack of bathing suits outside the door on sale for 30-40% off as well. The only thing that could make this experience anymore heavenly would have been a platter of assorted pastries and some sweet tea or lemonade.

Actually since I’m describing a heavenly scenario the perfect scene would be if they engaged in conversation with me and some how the notion of me being a lifestyle blogger came up. Then they were just so infatuated with how ambitious and resourceful I am that they send me home with a package of clothing to style and share on my blog. Yep that would have been the perfect scenario. Boston lifestyle blogger Semirah Dolan recruited as a Lilly Pulitzer ambassador, yes… I can see the headlines now and the business emails just flowing in. As you can tell this little vacation I am on has me missing my blog business more than ever. Did I mention I don’t have internet connection unless I take a walk to Starbucks? The struggle is completely real.

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I visited/experience the above on my own. All opinions are honest and mine.*

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