New Balance Girls' Night Out

This summer New Balance has launched, Girls' Night Out, a new kind of "night on the town" to help active, social women connect with each other and achieve personal fitness goals together. This past July meet up attendees were able to pick either a MetCon class at Equinox, 3 mile run or Flywheel class. The theme of the night was 'Self-Expression' and fitness blogger Rachel (@Healthy_Chicks) catered the nights activities to fit that.

When I arrived to the New Balance Back Bay store I immediately signed up for the Equinox class and sipped on some Zoos peach tea. Everyone arrived and mingled until we headed to the gym. Equinox accommodated our workout on their quaint rooftop and gave us quite an experience. We did a MetCon class with Equinox trainer, Maryanne, don't underestimate her because of her small size. Maryanne hopped, ran, jumped and stretched across the roof keeping us in motion the entire time. Being amongst so many like minded individuals motivated me to fight through the workout and luckily we did it, we did it! (Just to say that we did it!) 
Girls’ Night Out is offering women the opportunity to redefine what a “night out” with their girlfriends means to them. GNO MeetUp will allow women across the country to plan their perfect girls’ night out by finding group runs, creating new running routes, discovering new hangouts, and inviting friends to meet up for a run. To celebrate a night on the town, women are encouraged to share their experiences using #NBGNO on Twitter and Instagram.

“Girls’ Night Out is inspired by women doing what they love — connecting with friends and sharing a night out,” said Norma Delaney, Senior Manager of Global Advertising and Brand Strategy for New Balance. "The program is designed to provide easy-to-use tools to enrich women’s busy lives so that they and their friends can be challenged, rewarded, educated, entertained, pampered, and most importantly, connected, to experience what they enjoy most — fitness and friends."


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