Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 Favorites

July is over and now it's time to replenish all of your beauty essentials and next season's trending items. Before that happens I wanted to share with you all some products that I lah-oved all throughout July (and June!). I have a mixture of beauty and fashion items. After this I would be very interested to hear about some of the products that you used all throughout this summer!  

Moment of silence! My camera has been fixed and this is my first product shoot in weeks! Yayy!!

Shave Savour: Hair Inhibiting Serum va
First up is Whish Body.. For the past month I have tried out the hair inhibiting gel. It's the summer and shaving, waxing, tweezing, whatever method of hair removal is extremely annoying when you have to do over and over again, wasting both your time AND money. Well men have after shave that makes them smell good, smoothes/soothes their skin post-shave, etc. Women are usually discouraged from using men after shave so, we need a product of our own. In comes Whish Body w/ with the hair inhibiting gel. Apply post shave/hair removal treatment and the natural (and really good smelling) ingredients inside of Whish's products will prolong the time you have in between shaving.

I used the gel about 2x/week and didn't begin to see results till the third week. I tried the gel on main less sensitive areas like my legs and I notice that the hair wasn't as thick. In fact that hair appeared to be shrinking away.. thinning away.. or just not growing as fast. The product smells good and after repetitive use it actually works.
Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes and Toner
I've depicted the oil controlling towelettes but, I also used Dickinson's original witch hazel who is actually the real MVP in this July 2014 favorites list. The Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner has uses for every single type of face: oily, normal, dry, combo, etc.

I used the toner every night after I showered and before I applied my night creams. The wipes and the toner assured that my face wash worked, tightened my pores, removed unwanted dirt, etc. FIVE points to Dickinson!

Karma Kit + Face Mask Set
I have been a face mask fan ever since I saw my first Michelle Phan youtube video about a clay face mask. Through the years I've tried different varieties of face mask that accomplish different things. Using a face mask is like a signal to yourself that it is time to take a break.. sip some tea and rejuvenate from the daily grind.

Karuna's face mask did brighten and moisturize my face. However they pride themselves in being a "mess-free" face mask brand. Their masks are packed with so much liquid or product that it is dripping as you apply it. Not really "mess-free" but you do get all the product you pay for ($28 for 4 masks). The face mask sets don't really provide hard-core treatments or remove deep in the pores. The Karuna face masks are great for moisturizing and brightening up your face on a late night, etc.

62 Cotton Hipster in Noir
Panty by Post's mission is to spread the pleasure of French lingerie all over the world. With each pretty package, send a message of love and joie de vie. I am putting Panty by Post in my July 2014 favorites because the summer is the time to travel and experience new things. When I need to pack a luggage in 10 minutes it's great to just grab my Panty by Post subscription right out of the mail packaged in a cute convenient envelope or have it delivered to wherever I am at.

Now it's your turn to share? Summer products that moisturize or tone? Pick one!

Grammarly yours, Semirah

*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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