Guide to Social Media for Bloggers

6 Secrets to our Facebook success:
  1. Study what everyone eles is doing… and then throw it out the window. ---> It just might not work for you!
  2. Start by bringing your personal page to your family page. ---> support from friends and family.
  3. Facebook likes variation. ---> Pictures/Videos/Stats
  4. Find out when is your community engaging? What are your most popular post? (Try posting similar post like that at different times of the day to measure most effective posting times.
  5. Get creative: Post per hour, ask your audience questions, post old post, link to other sites (People love to share info we don’t know).
  6. Know your audience! (i.e. commenters love to have the funniest comment, they like to talk they just don’t like to say mcuh)

Facebook & Sponsored Content:
  • Finding sponsored content that will work on your Facebook will thrive if you do what you love. Don’t jump around topics. It needs to be clear that you are the fit to post this content.
  • Sponsored post 4 times a week = No No. → 1-2 times a week: 👍
  • What makes a sponsored post?
    • Delight the brand
    • Entertain/Inform
    • Build you!
      • Link back to yourself (telling google to dig deeper)
      • Telling a story but incorporating the brand!

Must Have Blogger Assets:
  • Professional blog design
    • Your blog is a store window. If I’m knocking and no one comes I’m leaving. If it’s not pretty I’m not going in.
    • Plug ins may be slowing you down.
    • Small header!
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter: 1,000+ followers
  • Google+ is the future!
    • Achieve authorship!
    • Resubmit your blog post
    • Videos!
    • Children in sports is a hot trend (random Spring/Summer 2014 fact)
  • Networking must haves:

What I know about SEO:
  • Place best words in first 100 words of blog post.
  • Link back to your facebook and twitter
  • Lol…. teach me!  

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that my notes on social media at the SITS invisalign talk and various social media conferences helped you. Share one of your social media successes!

Start a conversation on what we as bloggers could do better? Or do you frequently read blogs and wished a blogger would stop doing something..what is it?

Grammarly yours, Semirah

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