Wednesday, July 9, 2014

3 Reasons To Use Face Serums

It is the Western civilizations dream to be young forever... look, feel, and act the part. It is said that it takes a long time for one to become young (think of an older person you know that enjoys life more vivaciously than 99% of the teenagers you know). However looking young takes a bit more effort on our part.

From my knowledge of sci-fi and chick flick movies the absence of drug and alcohol usage in our lives can keep your skin younger, for longer. Living in a world where beer/wine is offered at children's playgrounds (Chuck E. Cheese) and the consequences of smoking are still tolerated it is hard to maintain a pure lifestyle. 

Don't get me started on the high levels of city pollution...! Basically the world is out to get your face to the end of it's prime, faster than you can catch up to. Slow down the clock by taking small beneficial steps. Serums are the fairy god mothers of anti-aging treatments. These little bottles of concentrated water based nutrients penetrates your skin and provides vitamins to the deep layers.   


1. Repairs Sun Damage
Every time I use the M-61 JetGlow serum at night I feel like I am marinating my face in a mask of vitamins. It is recommended that you use serums at night because the sun's UV rays hinder the serum from completely penetrating your skin. And you want this serum to get it's concentrated potion to the depths of your pores. M-61's retexturizing peptide with red seaweed and goji berries completely revived my face (specifically those dark bags that built up after hours of studying for finals!). 

Now I can feel confident that even if I don't have any makeup on my magic M-61 JetGlow Serum took care of any odd spots and damage.  
2. Improves Skin Texture
If you have acne prone skin using a serum with Vitamin C will enhance your skin clarity and cleanse deep into your pores. The serum didn't get rid of my acne, my face care routine did, but the serum took part in the action by providing nutrients to the dead skin and smoothed over the popped pimples and dug out black heads. Sorry to be gross but I hope you see how it is easy to overlook serum because of the small portions they come in and it's price. However, the small bottles are packed in with a concentrated solution that was made to specifically feed your skin.   
3. Brightens Skin
After using this product for one week my skin was noticeably brighter and clear. I used the serum 2 times a week and was able to go out on certain days makeup free! Just some moisturizer and sun screen satisfied my needs because my skin was taunt and smooth. In conjunction with the Petunia Skincare vitamin C serum I also tried the Dermaroller. For now the serum is sufficient for my face routine but, if you are interested in bringing medical spa like results to your home then definitely experiment with the Dermaroller. The Dermaroller purposely punctures your skin to force it to produce collagen (quite barbaric but it gets the job done-- new layer of skin that is scar free). 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

P.S. I am currently participating in an internship at MIT so, sorry in the hiatus of blog post but I have been posting vlog updates!

*I was provided these items complimentary for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

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