Monday, June 2, 2014

Apple's WWDC14

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be happening today in San Francisco with 5,000 sold out tickets. The live streaming for the event happens today at 1pm and I will be live tweeting some cool facts with the hashtags #WWDC and #WSJforteens (Wall Street Journal for teens), just to make the conference a bit more understandable.

All I need to know is that we will possibly get to see more info about IOS 8 and a possible sneak peek of the "iWatch". I am more interested in seeing who are they marketing the iWatch to. I'm not sure young adults need it? and I don't think the older generation has even gathered a full grasp of the iphone, ipad, imini conundrum to realistically move on to an advanced watch. (Some things should probably be kept classics) BUT I am all for advances in technology.

People say and it is true that Apple is obviously doing well for itself. But step into a college business class and once in a blue moon you might here our future developers and politicians discuss, "How can it get better?" Apple failed at making iTunes Radio an alternative to Pandora and their retaliation to that is to buy the headphones that we use to listen to music (S/o to Beats!)? I have to admit from the perspective of a business student that purchasing Beats was a crafty approach into staying in the music industry.

Take a nap, rest up till 1pm, or join the conversation!

What do you expect to see from Apple? Have any comments to my comments? (I don't bite).

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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