Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY Summer Reading Novel (Part 1)

If you were to to be a fly on the wall in my brain you would get the sense that I have always had big ambitions... along with to-do lists and a bucket lists to last me two life times. One of those crazy ambitions included writing a book. Which actually isn't that hard to do anymore, but when I was in sixth grade, it was a magical vehicle into getting your voice (that little voice inside your head) heard all over the world. 

Basically I will be sharing a teeny novel that I have been contributing content to since the sixth grade (about 7 years now). I only have 2500 words in the novel because it is a summer project (or just a showcase of my procrastination with my crazy projects) so, I will be sharing it in sections of 500 words.

Traumatic Junior High Teenage Girl Life: Take 3

It was a warm day at the beach; the sun at the horizon, blanketing the warm, crisp air. The area was filled with comfort and relaxation. It was like a day at the spa on the weekend and Christina was enjoying it with a natural sun-kissed tan. When suddenly startled, a shadow appeared over her honey brown hair. Looking up, she smiled with a delightful and warm feeling inside. Michael smiled back with his uber shiny and white teeth while slowly easing his way next to Christina on her baby blue beach towel, and breathed in every little bit of the Gucci Guilty perfume he gave her for their anniversary. He relaxed. Interrupting Christina’s sudden hurricane of thoughts Michael started by, “Soooo have you thought about plans for Valentine’s Day next week?” “Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe I don’t have plans!” I thought panicky. “I was thinking we could do something fun. I haven’t thought of anything yet.” I replied unhesitant. 

I know Michael loves to be in control, so I wasn’t surprised when he replied in that manly tone of his, “I was thinking we could go to the beach party.” I know this was more of a statement rather than question so, I just replied with “Oh.” And continue gazing at the sun and back at my boyfriend, Michael.  When suddenly, I saw “Him”, coming down the shore and right in the middle of the horizon. I instantly notice that he is very tone, wore cargo shorts, and had dirty blonde hair that fell into his deep baby blue eyes and the greatest smile you could imagine. Wait! What am I doing? My boyfriend is sitting right here, 5 inches from me. I glance at Michael to make sure he didn’t see me “checking out” the dude coming straight towards him and begin to massage my temples as to erase the distracting thoughts of “Him” from my thoughts. 

Rewind! This guy is walking straight towards Michael. Who is he? Wait, what? Why! Do I know him? Does he know me? Again a shadow appears over my legs. “Hey Kaleb”, Michael said peeling himself from Christina’s side. “Kaleb, Kaleb, His name is Kaleb!” echoed Christina in her mind. “Uh Hey Christina” Kaleb said, gazing over her blue and white bikini and back to her face. Still in her head, Christina exploded, “He said name! He said my name!! He must know me from somewhere. But he does not look familiar at all!” Before the silence could get awkward, she replied “Hi” and blushed. The boys stepped aside and conversed, leaving Christina to her mild frenzy of thoughts. “I’ll see you later man,” Michael said, waving to Kaleb’s disappearing figure. Christina took this as the perfect transition to start gathering her things and head towards her new baby blue BMW so that she could meet her friends for brunch. “Well, I guess we best be getting ready for Valentine’s Day.” Christina said after putting her belongings in her car. Michael jogged over, gave her a goodbye hug and gentle kiss on the forehead. “It’s a date then.” He said before jogging to his red sports car.

On the drive towards the mall, I played the morning events in her mind, pausing every time I get to the part where Kaleb comes into the story. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah

P.S. Can all the 90 babies snap for the societal expectations that were fed to us in those teeny bopper novels in the 'YA' section of the library that are completely unrealistic. This was my sixth grade perspective on life. Grow up... be perfect (somehow)... live luxuriously. (That's awkward I still think that way). Good luck millennials.

P.P.S. Stay tune for more? Are you really interested in hearing what happens next?  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Booting into Summer

Even with the summer approaching there are many ways to wear booties during the warmer weather. I tried out short brown booties by Grazie Footwear to test out this theory. 

Fabled booties c/o of Grazie Footwear.
I paired my booties with black skinny pants. Try stockings or just socks as the weather gets hotter. 

Matching brown and black is like putting together navy and black, attempt with caution. 

I love the details of jewels on the side of the boot and the charmed zipper. 

Transforming my wardrobe into summer appropriate weather is a constant battle. Booties are the perfect shoes to go from chilly weather to tank top time. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Disclaimer: I was provided these boots by Grazie Footwear complimentary. However, all opinions are my own. 

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