Miniluxe Launches Boston Centric Nail Color Collection

On April Fools' Day (April 1, 2014) of this year New England salon, Miniluxe, announced that they will be launching a new line of 18 classic nail colors along with their own signature brow powder and cuticle oil. The nail polish retails for $8 (similar to Essie) and the brow powder/cuticle oil will retail for $10.

One of the greatest thing about nail lovers internationally is sharing what makes your polish fit you and why you are wearing the nail polish of your choice. By this I mean, are you a brand fanatic and pick certain nail polish brands because of pure loyalty? Was it the name of the polish? The brush of the bottle? A story behind your color choice? or even a personal connection?

Miniluxe was able to come up with a nail collection that has so many aspects to get excited about. I not only love the classic nail selection but, c'mon the Boston connection is where the love is at! Boston Strong all day long and even show your support with Miniluxe's new nail collection too!

The nail colors are all named after icons, landmarks, celebrities, etc. that have ties to Boston. All colors are 5-free which mean they are void of toxic chemicals. This means kids can use this collection as well! 

The red-ish color is {Cheers} The tan-ish color is {Boston Ballet} The clear glitter color is {Fenway Spark} The baby blue color is {The Vineyard}

Nail Polish Tower of Boston
In my opinion, each color perfectly coincides with it's given name. The first color I plan on trying out this week is "The Vineyard"!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

*Disclaimer: Miniluxe sent me the featured items complimentary in exchange for an honest review/feature. All opinions are my own*

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