Monday, May 5, 2014

Kissed at Prom

Hi babes, 
The past few days have been spotted with allergies, Cinco de Mayo parties, rumors of gutsy snapchats, and bold romantic gestures... *Achoo!* ahhh must be prom season. Here in New England we are LOV-IN the arrival of spring but, a few ephemeral moments of sun is not going to do it for a sun-kissed appearance at prom. 

Before you leave and surrender because you know that I am going to suggest tanning, stick a while to see how Femme Fatale tanning salon is different. 

Case #1: Natalia
My friends prom before and after pics from a tan at Femme Fatale Boston {She's obvi not orange.} 

Femme Fatale tanning is the only salon in the area that offers Infinity Sun products and equipment. The difference is a gorgeous golden brown compared to the famous carrot hue provided by tanning beds, unhealthy sun exposure, and the Mystic tan system. In simplest terms, the ingredients in the Infinity Sun products that are used at Femme Fatale tanning salon involve sugars that are already on the surface of the skin resulting in a smooth fading process and no blotches.  

Still have questions about why you turn brown and not orange, found here

Natalia had a gorgeous sun-kissed look for her prom this weekend and her tan perfectly compliments her dress. When I took Natalia to Femme Fatale in Kenmore Square, Boston it was her first time trying something like this and of course she was nervous!

We had Dylan, one of the ladies of Femme Fatale, assist us and she was wicked nice. The perks of being a supportive friend is that you get to sit in the lounge eating chocolate and lollipops. In between finals and well deserved sleep my friends and I barely have time to hang out so, make this a pamper day with a group of friends before prom to create memories and leave with sun-kissed skin.

If you would like to see my before and after, here it is.

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