Sunday, May 11, 2014

Graduation Gift Guide: Activewear

My college of choice for next year has recently revamped their fitness facilities and if you follow me on twitter you would know that some things I value are; fitness and fun ways to stay fit. I have to take into consideration the large amount of time I plan to spend in the gym, therefore, I need to keep up an acceptable gym appearance. Yes, I know... who needs to look cute at the gym? You're going their to sweat and work your butt off. I do that at school now so, I know I need to put a sliver of effort into my gym wardrobe as well.

A major part of college is making friends and being social, this being said, you may be meeting your future hubby or bestie in stained cheer shorts and an old high school tshirt.

Don't be THAT person!
To save you, your friends, and future grad from learning certain life lessons the hard way, give your grad some trendy activewear pieces.

The following options are apart of the C9 by Target collection. I had the honor of trying out these pieces for a few weeks and they have become some of my principal workout apparel. The quarter zip up works wonders during my runs and for post-gym outfits. The tank top has a sport bra top which is very convenient (especially for early bird yoga classes)!

The C9 by Target collection is wicked affordable and leaves room for you to budget other life necessities. Being able to save money and look uber stylish is one of my life goals, especially for all the grads that may have to start budgeting their finances next year.

That's me! Yogi rocking my Dona Jo Fitwear Leggings (BTW Yoga and Spin facilities/classes are held at my local mall)
Reminder we are talking about going to the gym here. Before I explain the wonders of my Dona Jo leggings I just want to confirm that we are all in the mind frame of heading to the gym... not class, a date, work, etc. I tried out the Acai Spinning Leggings from the Dona Jo fitwear shop for this post. I wanted to make sure that the leggings I recommend aren't see through, serve no purpose and/or are extremely unflattering.

Your activewear, fitness gear, athletic apparel, etc. should all motivate you to head to the gym and give them a reason for taking up space in your drawers. As you can see in the picture above, I go all out with my gym wear, and the fun part seems to be fitting as many colors into one ensemble (not recommended, I'm just weird). Any cool activewear companies that you think deserve some air time or aren't as praised as they should be?

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary however, all opinions are my own. 

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