Del Frisco's Grille Chestnut Hill Restaurant Review

Del Frisco's entrance (elevator on left)
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Del Frisco's famous lemon cake and motto (instagram worthy) 
Location and Service:
Del Frisco's opened up at The Street in Chestnut Hill last fall and has been a public company since 2012 (investors take note) w/ it's brother restaurants: Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse & Sullivan's Steakhouse.

Regarding service, our waiters were nice but, had a sort of quick routine. Say I wanted to ask a question about my dish, the server dropped off the food and walked away before I could.

I want to say that the food took a longer time arriving because we were a group of 10+, but hopefully that is not the case for smaller parties.

The Food

I would love to start off with their famous lemon cake but, let me tell you about lunch. Del Frisco's Grille hosted this lunch for 15 select Boston bloggers. Out of all the bloggers in the room we had mostly foodies/food diary connoisseurs, fashionistas and fitness ambassadors. This was an event where I knew almost all of the bloggers with a few exceptions so, the familiarity added to the casual vibe of Del Frisco's Grille. 

First up was cocktails and a series of appetizers. Del Frisco's puts a delicious spin on typical American restaurant dishes, so be prepared for a tasty twist on classic trays.

Above is the Cheesesteak Eggrolls ($11.50), Jumbo Lump Crabcake ($16.50), and Ahi Tacos ($14). The Cheesestak Eggrolls have a sweet and spicy chili sauce and honey mustard. This dish has to be one of their most popular appetizers because it is a bite-size version of a macho mans hearty meal. It's a small chewy ode to steak sandwiches. It's like if an egg roll and steak sub had a baby but were slightly influenced with the sloppy joe trend in the 90's. For the price, this appetizer is totally worth it.

The Jumbo Lump Crabcake is drizzled with Cajun Lobster Sauce and with it's price point, it could double as a small entree. The crabcake is very filling and has a solid taste of fresh crab. The cajun lobster sauce is a mild compliment to the overall dish, it adds needed seasons and completes the cake. 

The Ahi Tacos are filled with tuna tartare, avocado and spicy citrus mayo. For (raw) seafood lovers this plate should be your go to on your visit to Del Frisco's Grille. The spicy citrus mayo balances out the avocado and the ending crunch of the taco shell brings this whole experience into one.

The final appetizer was the Deviled Eggs, and again Del Frisco's fulfills there mission to put a tasty twist on a rather classic dish. The eggs are topped with a truffle-chive vinaigrette. This not only gives the eggs are fancier appearance but also a sweet-spicy after taste. 

 I had two of the Del Frisco's flatbread options: Shaved Brussels Sprout ($13-pictured) & Roasted Tomato ($12). Nice presentation and portion of toppings. The flatbread could serve as an appetizer or entree.  The flatbreads have a delicious fresh taste, the crust was a bit burnt (some people like that) but, I don't see my family ordering this for my little brothers with the exotic toppings.

Del Frisco's Grille have many knife and fork steak plates and I believe we tasted a medium rare selection. I don't usually order my steak medium rare but I was surprised to be introduced to succulent flavor in a my first bite.

Perfect dinner date setup over looking the Hammond Pond
This is the Seared Asian Tuna Salad: Shaved Napa Cabbage, Arugula, Chilled Noodles, Toasted Almonds, Tomato, Avocado, Ginger-Sesame Dressing. I feel like the tuna was the main attraction of this dish. The salad is good, everything has a consistence flavor, colorful presentation. Recommended with a glass of wine to give your palate a sweeter expectation. Oh wait!! There is mango in this salad, that is where the 'wow' factor is added.

And for dessert we were served these cake balls. The cake balls did not taste like cake, more like a ball of lemon icing. This dish, I assume, was only served because of the size of our party. Del Frisco's Grille's Lemon Doberge Cake comes in six layers of heavens, lemon buttercream icing and lemon glaze for $10. I would come back just to share a slice of cake with my friend.
Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Disclaimer: The bloggers and I were provided this meal complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  

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