Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blog Tour: Mi proceso de escritura

200th post milestone! After about three and a half years I've made it to the 200th post milestone. I feel like this journey has literally taken me through blood, sweat, and tears to have the amount of success that I've accumulated. I keep telling myself that I started this blog to chart my journey as a pageant queen by sharing my appearance stories, community service projects, etc. But actually I started this blog 2 months before winning my queen title and I remember exactly where I was. I was at a Sheraton hotel with my family auditioning for some modeling agency. I was and still am tired of the child modeling industry, specifically the scheming/fake companies. Aside from that I realized that becoming someone was up to me and not up to some "agency". I have to find a water well myself, drink from the well and flourish on my own... at least this is how I've managed to be the blogger/enthusiastic young women I am today.

My life and writing skill's get better with age. I draw ideas and inspiration from being in the moment.. from going out in the world and experiencing new things. The backbone of my blog is essentially my inspirations from the {outside} world.

Kerrie from Urban Foodie Finds tagged me in this writing process blog tour. I met Kerrie the year after I finished my pageant reign. I was passionate about continuing my blog and jumped right into the local blogging community. My first event was a restaurant review in Fenway and this is where I met Kerrie and a group of other influential Boston bloggers/social media gurus.  It is about a year or two later and my relationship with not only Kerrie but also the local blogging community has bloomed exponentially.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, responses... I tag YOU for the writing process blog tour. 

Question #1 for the blog tour: What am I working on?

  • Summer Planning: Blogger Events/Reviews/Campaigns
  • College Planning: Jobs/Concentration/Personal Image
  • Fitness: Get in shape. Run more. 
  • Social Media Goals: 1500 real followers on Twitter or Instagram

Question #2 for the blog tour: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have categorized my blog as a lifestyle blog, although I was awarded one of Boston's top 5 fashion blogs of 2013. I incorporate mostly fitness, fashion and fun events. Unlike the plethora of Boston lifestyle bloggers around me, I am young and multi-cultural. I sometimes forget that my perspective on a particular situation is completely opposite of those around but, being able to connect to the people that do understand is an amazing feeling. Being relatable is blogger rule #73 so I would say I have a B+ in that... I admit that my mind functions in an alien manner unknown to human kind.

Question #3 for the blog tour: Why do I write what I do?

Because this is my passion! I wouldn't be dedicating 90% of my social life to this if I didn't LOVE it. I love working out! I love FOOD! I love cloths.. omg and shoes.. ahhh and jewelry! Sharing all this love with you is just my duty to mankind.

Question #4 for the blog tour: How does your writing process work?

If you are a budding journalists/blogger/writer/etc. I'm pretty sure everyone has said this to you but, I will reiterate the point... invest in a beautiful notebook AND agenda. Maybe this is a feminine esthetics concept but, I spent $20 on a leather bound agenda and it is my pride and joy for planning... my life. When it comes to notebooks, I think everyone can relate to this, I have a different number for every project or class or activity, etc.

I chart down post ideas and plan out campaigns or contact anyone if I need assistance or materials to gather data or reviews. For food events I usually take notes on my phone. For fitness or fashion events, I collect business cards and use pictures to guide my writing process.

Now I would like to share this with you all and 3 featured bloggers:

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

I am not a genius writer but, the age old question that I thought someone could answer by now is: How do you get over writer's block? Sometimes I can't get one word out...

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