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3 Types of Jewelry to Buy for Grads

Graduation Gift Guide: You've thought about it and have decided that you want to give your grad a piece of jewelry but, want to make sure that it sends the right message. There are three types of jewelry that you can get a grad, they could be your girl/boy/best friend, roommate, teacher, etc. The idea of class rings is deteriorating so we are left to find meaningful jewelry pieces for that special someone. Besides a classic time piece or traditional string of pearls, here are the three types of jewelry to buy for graduates:

Personalized Jewelry
Forever Jewelry
Memorabilia Jewelry

1. Personalized Jewelry

In the great words of Queen Bey: If you like it then you should put a monogram on it (Oh wait, the song didn't go like that? Or did it...? Monogram.. diamond ring... same meaning). Monograms aren't only for girls, monogramed watches and rings are available for men. 

There are many reasons why monograms are a go to gift. They are classy and can be worn for almost any occasion from super-casual to professional.  

York Designs Co.
Laura of York Designs Co. kindly sent me one of her gorgeous personalized cuffs to try out for myself. I wore the cuff with a jersey to a Red Sox game, then I wore it with a blazer to a meeting. In all occasions the monogrammed cuff was a hit. Monograms personally just warm my heart. Anything with my name on it just makes me so happy... it's gotten to the extent that I collect cool name tags from functions that I attend (but that's just me).

Personalized jewelry pieces come in the form of necklaces, rings, and even earrings! York Design Co.'s  needlepoint cuffs can be personalized with city names, monograms and team symbols. They have a leather inner lining that not only makes wearing it soft and comfortable but also insures it will last for a long time.

2. Forever Jewelry

Bow bangle c/o Frosted Willow
Forever jewelry also known as staple pieces are jewelry items that will be with that person for a while. These items can be worn for anything, anytime, all ages, shapes and sizes. Forever jewelry is usually silver or gold and a simple design.  

When looking for a forever jewelry piece think, "I will love you long time." Like the adult version of friendship bracelets. Every time that person looks at this piece they'll remember you... For men a forever jewelry piece includes a leather strap bracelet or simple chain necklace. 

Frosted Willow is an online jewelry shop where you can find tons of these forever jewelry pieces. I choose bangles to showcase as 'forever jewelry' because, you can find these everywhere. Buy a bangle from Bangladesh, France or New York. They will always be here for us... -sigh- when finals are testing your sanity those trusty bangles may be the only thing keeping you from walking right out of class. Well that and the fact that an arm full of bangles make too many clacking noises when we walk.   

3. Memorabilia Jewelry

Laser cut jewelry c/o Vinca USA
You want your grad to either remember the four years you guys spent together or to remember some grand event that holds a special place in your heart. I tried to get a whole love letter engraved on a necklace but it just didn't fit. This is an alternative. For example Vinca USA's laser cute wooden necklace that says, "The key to my heart is in Boston." 

Memorabilia jewelry either means something or invokes memory, either way this gift takes a bit of thought and planning. I am the worst gift giver so I opted for the memorabilia gift. I'll either buy a souvenir from a concert we went to together or a locket with a picture of us together. I want the grad to remember what gift I got them because it touched their heart.

Which type of gift giver are you?

Grammarly yours, Semirah

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