Boston Fitness Review: Barry's Bootcamp

Chad of Barry's Bootcamp was the instructor for a group of Boston bloggers selected to try out a Full Body workout class at Barry's Bootcamp. Barry's Bootcamp's is located in Downtown Boston and they have locations across the nation thar, in my opinion, are helping American's become squats away from a strong body.

However, this class is not for the beginner athlete. I recommend Barry's Bootcamp for people who workout at least 2 times a week. I warn you if you haven't worked out in a while, you might want to whip your butt into shape before attending Barry's. I recently had spring break for 2 weeks and over the span of that time I did not exercise. Coming back into my workout regiment has been hell so, adding Barry's Bootcamp to my schedule was a true test of my mental and physical strength.

Instructor (second from the far left) and his minions! I am in all purple ;)
Top: C9 by Champion // Bottom: Dona Jo Fitwear 

What to bring: Water bottle, form fitting clothing advised
What is provided: Towels, free water refills, showers, locker, juice bar
Who: NOT people who need small settings and individual attention. The class is dark with a dimmed red light, resembling a dance party w/ the loud music and hyped instructor to match the ambiance. If a peaceful yoga class is your forte and you want to bump up the intensity try pilates.

Full Body Class review: 

For this class we needed to bring 2 dumbbells and a mat to our separate stations. The smallest dumbbell that I could find was a 12 POUNDER! The biggest dumbbell that I've ever used in a my lifting workouts has honestly been 15, but being out of shape I was hoping for a 5-10lb dumbbell.

(P.S. The smaller dumbbells are hiding in the corner near the door, don't be scared to take that walk and grab one if you can't handle 12+ lbs.)

The class was broken down into 4 circuits; switching between the floor and the treadmill. The floor consisted of planks while incorporating the weights, (intense) squat exercises, and lifting. The treadmill was a balance between a jog to a sprint and we adjusted the speed with the instructors direction (like adjusting your torq in spinning classes).

Instructor review:

Chad is a very energetic and fun instructor. He bounces around the room shouting out commands and funny/motivational comments. (Side note: He flawlessly demonstrated with a 25 lb. weight whilst my wimpy arms adjusted to 12 lb.-ers.)

Before I said that if you need individual instruction than this class is most likely not going to help you well, just honestly try and call out to the instructor and you can get guided into the right direction. I had a completely lost look on  my face for one of the workouts and Chad came to the rescue and demonstrated in front of me so that I could hopefully replicate (I did!). 

I had an overall amazing experience, as you might can tell from the lengthy review. Point blank is that Barry's Bootcamp kicks butt and with consistency* I believe that you could see fast results. (*3-5 week consistency).

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