Friday, March 14, 2014

How I Style Camo Jeans for Spring

Thanks to Amanda Cross (fellow Her Campus blogger), I was able to buy a new battery for my Nikon D50 camera on Amazon! I haven't been able to set up photo shoots or get great resolution in my pictures till now so, I am relieved that the pictures for my Macy's mstylelab shoot are better quality.

This is my second mstylelab post for the #MacysCampusTour featured on I am so excited to share with you all about how I plan to style my new Levi camo jeans this spring. I put together two looks; one is casual and the latter a bit more 'fancy' or something to wear to a nice brunch with your friends.

Look One

This first look is the casual ensemble. I paired the jeans w/ a comfy sports t-shirt and an army green American Rag jacket. Wear this outfit to classes, sport events, hanging out with friends, etc. The weather is so effy here in New England that I could wear this outfit in the fall, winter, spring, and even the summer if it is around sixty-seventy degrees fahrenheit. 

I decided to use camo jeans as my center piece b/c they are usually the victim on the reality show "What NOT To Wear". I wanted to put together some ensembles that transformed this froggy item into a prince's/princess' go-to jeans. They pull out the creativity in your everyday routine... LOL the point is.. every once in a while be bold and change up your norm. 

Look Two

This is the ensemble that is a bit more "fancy" than look one. But actually look one and look two seem to be on the same caliber of casualness and just different styles. This look is girlier which, I perceived as  fancier. With a oversized knit sweater and cute graphic tee this look can be worn pretty much at the same functions as look one. 

All clothing articles c/o Macy's mstylelab (Levis, American Rag, & Material Girl)

Grammarly yours, Semirah D
*Sponsored Post* Compensation for outfits was provided by Macy's but, all opinions are my own. 

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