Monday, March 31, 2014

Boston x Bloggers x Microsoft

Over the weekend I told you guys about the Microsoft event I attended Friday, March 29th. There are a lot pictures and tad bits that I wish to share with you so, I had to break up this subject into three posts. This is my second post and the first post, "Bloggers x Microsoft x Just Dance" can be found here.  

For me this social was more of a chance to meet some local bloggers that I admire and follow on my social media channels. 

Katherine of Style Tab
Katherine has an amazing wardrobe and the personality to match! Boston is so small that we all live in each others back yards & know the same people.. might as well get to know each other. Getting acquainted with the other bloggers felt inspiring. I feel like we have similar mind frames and can discuss certain topics that wouldn't pertain to our normal lives and relationships.

If you ever hire a blogger, just know that her camera equipment is not far behind. Pictures are worth so much, in regards to; making memories, creating visuals, and serious marketing tactics. Side note... I feel like Microsoft until recently has marketed the Xbox separate from the Microsoft brand. Xbox was introduced to America in 2001 and has been successful in multiple generations of console. I have 2 younger brothers who have owned every generation of Xbox's since 2001 and I don't ever recall associating Microsoft with Xbox but, now I do and it positively alters my opinion of the brand. 

The Her Campus ladies and I will be trying out the Surface Pro 2 tablets to take the Windows 8 software on a test drive. I have been using it daily and my favorite asset is working on the touch screen and keyboard combine-- makes me feel so studios ;) Making studying fun *gasp*

Bloggers making connection...
Networking events is a common occurrence as you enter the 'professional' world. We are all aiming for dream jobs, and since dream jobs usually don't come in a first class mail order, networking can benefit everyone (more or less).
Ingrid (from Smilingrid blog) and Windsor (co-founder of Her Campus)
Erin Cullen (Styles I Like blog) and I 
What the blazers were you thinking!? Well Erin and I were thinking color coordinated blazers, that's what. Erin put together a gorgeous purple ensemble to compliment her blazer. She used a blue and black color block top, lavender pants, and an assortment of gold jewelry and pearls. I am wearing a turquoise blue Burberry blazer, Club Monaco leggings, tall boots (bargain shopping at Famous Footwear), Essie spring nail polish, and a necklace from my grandmother. My makeup was all Nars products.

So far I am using the Surface tablet as a mini laptop but, I do not think it can fully substitute my laptop yet. I will be dissecting and working through all the cool apps of a Surface Pro 2 so, give me some suggestions of what apps work best on this tablet or if there is something exclusively useful for Microsoft's Surface Pro 2.

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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