Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: The Drybar in Chestnut Hill

Last night, The Drybar in Chestnut Hill, hosted an event for Boston bloggers to come out and try complimentary blowouts. We had delicious appetizers and desserts from the Season 52 restaurant in Chestnut Hill. When I arrived the salon had stylist guide the bloggers to the back to start hair washing or took our coats and offered us beverages. After getting paired with a stylist, I was handed a "Lookbook" of the available styles and I decided that "Hot Toddy" would be the look of the night (blowouts cost $40 and updo's cost $60). 

My Drybar Experience and Review

The stylist who did my hair was actually an old friend that I modeled for in the past. I got her little cousins into pageantry and we’ve crossed paths many times. So my experience was very comfortable and friendly because, I knew many of the people there and the event turned into a bonding night. The washing stations had plush coaches and nice privacy. At the stylists stations were all around a center bar that had products, tools, beverages, and snacks for the customers. There were two plasma TVs, one on either side of the bar and the salon was playing the perfect girls’ night movie; Bridesmaids!  

Everyone's favorite food group.... dessert! Dessert was a hit, catered by Season 52, they provided a wide variety of "parfaits". My favorite was the mixed fruit parfait and strawberry cannoli parfait. The bloggers around me all had the cannoli parfait, so I would say that was the favorite of the night. 

A Pretzel Crisps rep made a guest appearance to the event and set up a sweet bar with goodie bags to take home. I recommend Pretzel Crisps for any social gathering. The sweet bar is an awesome idea for treats for adults and kids. Unfortunately, I lost my Pretzel Crisps goodie bag on my way back home :(

Ok so I promised my twitter followers that I would share the crazy adventure that I went through to get to this event. First off, the majority of blogging events are T-accessible and hidden within the city. This was the first event that I had to get to that was outside of the city and barely T-accessible. To get there I contacted a few other bloggers to try to carpool there. Everyone else was carpooling with someone already and the one angel of the bunch didn't have phone communications. I communicated on twitter with my perspective ride BUT my phone neglected to inform me of the little communication that we did manage so a ride to the event was not scored. I opted out for the taxi ride. Neither my taxi driver nor I knew where this place was so Google Maps instructed me to get off at a strip mall that I assumed was the location of the salon. But NOOO... that would make life too easy. The salon was a mile away and over a bridge that did not have a pedestrian walk way. Because of Google Maps lack of accuracy, I preceded to flag down a bus that was able to drop me off right across the street from the salon. By this time, I felt so independent as if it was lonely car-less me against the modern "everyone owns a car" world. As I walked across the street, mind you... there were snow backs everywhere so, walking was more like a suicide mission... anyway during the victory walk across the street I called my mom and replayed the past hour of my life with a few exaggerations of me playing a protagonists character similar to Indiana Jones. This city to suburbs adventure is totally parallel to a Indiana Jones mining/jungle swinging adventure. Its a dog eat dog world and after last night.. I conquered it.

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

I was invited to this event in exchange for a blog review. All opinions are my own. 

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