Boston Model Spotlight: Tihara O'brien

Curtains of the Boston Model Spotlight series previously closed on local model Genevieve Glenn and are opening once again for New England model celebrity Tihara O'brien. Tihara has been modeling since the age of 6 and entered the industry through my personal favorite passtime... pageants! Since then she has modeled for almost every fashion week on the East Coast and has been featured in multiple local publications. I had the pleasure of modeling with Tihara at different hair and fashion shows.  

Because the East Coast is currently going through continuous snow storms, this photo captured of Tihara on the runway, makes me reminisce of warmer times. I love how the gray color is coordinated between the vest and skirt but with different textures (something I would totally wear!). The exotic lace has been a staple for centuries. I may be exaggerating about "centuries" but, it seems as if the delicate pattern and fabric of lace always makes an appearance on the runway and in the midst of fashion blogger galleries. The black shoes and black side fabrics of the skirt tie the whole ensemble together. 

The picture below reminds me of a "fitness fashionista" type theme and it totally shows off Tihara's posing creativity. If those bottoms are jogging pants than I would totally rock that at the gym! The top is a loose fitting "yogi" styled top with a (what seems like) loose fitting cotton pants. I love finding fitness apparel that makes a statement in and OUT of the gym. If I can do a gym and grocery run in the same outfit, then you have me sold!

One reason I chose Tihara to be featured on my Boston Model Spotlight series is because after meeting and talking with her on multiple occasions, the thought that stuck in my mind is how fierce of a performer and model she is despite her personal struggles. We all have things happening in our life that sometimes effect our mood and performances but for Tihara nothing phases her work. 

The photos featured in this blog post are only the icing on the cake in regards to Tihara's modeling experience and work. From seeing her at rehearsals and shows many local artists and I can attest that Tihara is an extraordinary runway model. Want to show off your latest fashion collection or new designer apparel... Tihara is your go to girl!  

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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