Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking baby steps towards your goals

My recent and current plans have consisted of taking advantage of living in the nation’s healthiest metro area: Boston. As a city, Boston has really embraced the fitness-enthusiast community and made it a part of home. I, personally, feel very supported in any workouts that I pursue because Boston seems to have built a strong foundation of happy healthy people. Because of this growing population of health fanatics, we’ve had a boom in fitness facilities and free workout/running groups. For the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to participate in complementary spinning classes at: Pursuit Boston and Flywheel Boston (I’m going to be checking out Velo City next week!).

Aside from regular workout sessions, I’ve come to the realization that I must also eat clean and healthy as well. I feel like eating and dieting is more challenging than the working out part of getting fit. My hectic schedule and strict allocated budget prevents me from purchasing $10 salads and encourages me to purchase quick $3 pizza slices or chicken sandwiches. Instead of doing a total 180 degree turn on my diet, I am going to take baby steps and make my way towards a healthier diet. I grew up and have continued refraining from red meats and soda so, I am a baby step closer to my goal. My next step is currently trading out my snack packs for granola bars and yoplait. I’ve also started eating breakfast and adding high protein foods to my diet. I usually don’t like to eat breakfast because... well... many reasons: greasy food in the morning disgusts me, thinking of dairy from a cow disgusts me, imagining the fat in food disgusts me… Its all a mental battle that I have with myself the moment I wake up.

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That one time I turned on the TV last week I ended up catching a glimpse of a coupon-er reality show and became inspire. At a recent grocery shopping adventure I googled every item in my cart to see if there were any coupons available. I did save $0.75 but the mobile search was an ammatuer move according to the couponers show. So for my next grocery shopping adventure I am going to download a coupon app and do alittle bit of research on my grocery list pre-adventure time.

P.S I've decided to do a press trip to Cancun for spring break! Yay any restaurant/tourists spot suggestions?

Grammerly yours, SemirahD

And before you go…! If you gotten this far I am not liable for the nerdiness you are about to be exposed to... and caution when proceeding you never know what card game territory is being dueled ahead → → → → So...I attended the Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Valiant sneak peek. Shocked? Excited? Confused? As the only girl in my family, amongst brothers and cousins, being trained in games not pertaining to dress up barbie and driving a pink jeep was apart of growing up. The facility that I went to broke their record for amount of attendees at a sneak peek, it was twice the amount of people from last year. Great for them, not so great for me. The building was jam packed and stocked with junk food that could feed a whole all-boy high school group. Nonetheless, I was lucky enough to get some good cards out of my 5 packs and left with a stack of valuable trades. The cover design for the packs seemed like a last minute job. They were so similar to the previous pack, with the exception of one character.

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