Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boston Fitness Review: Pursuit Spinning Studio

Earlier this week I was able to go online and book my first spinning class at Pursuit Boston spinning studio for Thursday night, 5:30 pm.

The farthest extent of knowledge that I have about spinning stemmed from playing on my grandmothers spinning machine in her office and casual cycling with friends. I had no inclination of what to expect from a class solely dedicated to spinning.

After class.... Feeling exhausted yet exuberant 
I read the About Us page on the Pursuit Boston website and that was enough to get me to try out a class.

Upon arrival I signed in and was handed a complimentary towel and water bottle for class. I have not been able to visit all of the spinning facilities in Boston but, I do know that goodies are a small incentive that definitely persuaded my friends to join me for a ride!

I arrived fifteen minutes early to give myself time to get dress, get a feel for the facilities, and warm up for class. "Warming up" for spinning class is apparently translated into adjusting your bike to fit your body size and setting the resistance down so that your warm up is similar to riding on a flat road.

One of the most memorable aspects of this workout for me was how the instructors playlist was perfectly aligned with the tempo of our workout. All throughout the class, the mental debate I was having with myself on whether or not I should continue was intense! If I stopped moving, picking up the speed would have been twice as challenging. So I lip synched to Black Eye Peas, LMFAO, and Britney Spears to take my mind off of the burn in my thighs for 45 minutes.

Why should you try spinning classes? Well, talk about squat substitute... This workout is instant toning for the legs and with the right instructor it can be wicked fun. All throughout this class I felt like I could visually see my thighs tone up and lengthen out. Of course that didn't happen after one class but six classes later...(you'll get my point). If you are up for some intense cardio and visual results then spinning classes are definitely a route worth pursuing.

Athleta 2014 Spring Fashion Preview

After spinning class on Boylston St., I ran around the corner to Newbury St. to join the Athleta crew for their 2014 spring fashion preview. There were some sips and treats from Polar Seltzer and Sweet Green but, the main attraction was the new fitness apparel collection.

The "Straight Up Yoga Pants" from the 2014 Athleta
Spring Collection
I love the new Athleta spring 2014 yoga pants's
After viewing most of the collection, I came to the conclusion that I am a "Straight Up Pant" yoga girl and racerback tank tops need to make a come back in my personal fitness apparel collection.

The latest buzz going around is how much of a fad spinning has become in the past few months. I have never considered trying out spinning till I met the owners of a local Boston spinning studio back in December. A little birdie told me that the word in the hub is that, there was either something in the Boston water that compelled a handful of people to open up spinning studios or the fitness community is reaching new demands!

I am definitely not complaining with my new years fitness resolution in full affect. I've been able to join so many amazing fitness communities and stay on track with my healthy living tactics. I see the fitness community of Boston growing and can feel the high level of support running through our streets.

Round-Up 2014: Boston Spinning Studios

 *Updated 8/1/14*

Just Ride!
Recycle Studio
Soul Cycle
Spinning Lotus

Spynergy Cycling Studio
The Handle Bar

Turnstyle Cycle (Cambridge, MA)
Velo City
*I will update this list periodically*
Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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