Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boston Fitness Review. Getting that spring break body!

The Club / By George Foreman III 

Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Sweetgreen Passport Fitness Initiative + Me!
Intro to Box FIIT (Fighting Intensity + Interval Training)
In a small corner of South Boston, at a rather posh location for a boxing gym.
Today (01/24/14)
Spring break body is made during the winter! Fitness motivation baby!

Our workout
2 minute rounds, 30 minutes = 500 calories, 10 set workout stations 
Stations: Rowing → Core Body Fold → Spinning → Boxing Taste #1 (“Dribbling”) → Boxing Taste #2 (Punching Bag Jab) → Weighted Ropes → One Arm Rope Pull-Ups → Sit-Ups with Weights → Squats with Weights → Group Partnered Sit-Ups

Luxury + Amenities:
Luxury locker rooms: surprisingly its description fits! The locker rooms are clean, spacious, and luxurious.
Organic juice and healthy snacks (by Nourish Your Soul): organic food prices, amazing taste and menu, chill staff. 
Personal care, Towel service
Ringside Pro Shop: Rent/Buy boxing gloves for your first class! Pretty color options available! Men & Women.  

My main squeeze:
While I was downstairs, going through the intensive timed stations, my mother and aunt were upstairs watching the class from the juice and smoothie cafĂ© “Nourish Your Soul” in a stool and bar setting. I didn’t think much about it until after the workout when I was famished and in need of rejuvenating. Well I only felt that I needed an extra kick because the incredibly healthy juice and smoothie menu made my breakfast look wimpy and lacking nutrition so, naturally I had to order a juice super boost. My excuse for ordering the grapefruit juice cleanse … it was because “All of our juices are cold pressed from a hydraulic press, to extract up to five times more nutrients than juices prepared with other methods.” That was good enough for me! Shout out to my main squeezes, Nourish Your Soul, for keeping my energy and glucose levels up, while still kicking butt in flavor! ;)       

Thank you Sweetgreen and The Club for hosting a great class! 

The Club is a luxury Boston boxing gym for all ages and all level types. George Foreman III is a professional boxer and son of celebrity boxer and grill maker guru. I think I received more of a core workout than anything but, I really appreciate the focus on arms as well. With the punching bags and weights, I can definitely see boxing as a full body workout. This makes "The Club" the perfect facility for spring break tone ups! 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

1st picture = Mr. George Foreman III instructing class.
2nd picture = Me, working out the weighted ropes!
3rd picture = I am the third one in, wearing pink. The ladies and I had 23 seconds left on the ropes. 
4th picture = Sweetgreen Passport group pic!

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