Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boston Fitness Review. Getting that spring break body!

The Club / By George Foreman III 

Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Sweetgreen Passport Fitness Initiative + Me!
Intro to Box FIIT (Fighting Intensity + Interval Training)
In a small corner of South Boston, at a rather posh location for a boxing gym.
Today (01/24/14)
Spring break body is made during the winter! Fitness motivation baby!

Our workout
2 minute rounds, 30 minutes = 500 calories, 10 set workout stations 
Stations: Rowing → Core Body Fold → Spinning → Boxing Taste #1 (“Dribbling”) → Boxing Taste #2 (Punching Bag Jab) → Weighted Ropes → One Arm Rope Pull-Ups → Sit-Ups with Weights → Squats with Weights → Group Partnered Sit-Ups

Luxury + Amenities:
Luxury locker rooms: surprisingly its description fits! The locker rooms are clean, spacious, and luxurious.
Organic juice and healthy snacks (by Nourish Your Soul): organic food prices, amazing taste and menu, chill staff. 
Personal care, Towel service
Ringside Pro Shop: Rent/Buy boxing gloves for your first class! Pretty color options available! Men & Women.  

My main squeeze:
While I was downstairs, going through the intensive timed stations, my mother and aunt were upstairs watching the class from the juice and smoothie cafĂ© “Nourish Your Soul” in a stool and bar setting. I didn’t think much about it until after the workout when I was famished and in need of rejuvenating. Well I only felt that I needed an extra kick because the incredibly healthy juice and smoothie menu made my breakfast look wimpy and lacking nutrition so, naturally I had to order a juice super boost. My excuse for ordering the grapefruit juice cleanse … it was because “All of our juices are cold pressed from a hydraulic press, to extract up to five times more nutrients than juices prepared with other methods.” That was good enough for me! Shout out to my main squeezes, Nourish Your Soul, for keeping my energy and glucose levels up, while still kicking butt in flavor! ;)       

Thank you Sweetgreen and The Club for hosting a great class! 

The Club is a luxury Boston boxing gym for all ages and all level types. George Foreman III is a professional boxer and son of celebrity boxer and grill maker guru. I think I received more of a core workout than anything but, I really appreciate the focus on arms as well. With the punching bags and weights, I can definitely see boxing as a full body workout. This makes "The Club" the perfect facility for spring break tone ups! 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

1st picture = Mr. George Foreman III instructing class.
2nd picture = Me, working out the weighted ropes!
3rd picture = I am the third one in, wearing pink. The ladies and I had 23 seconds left on the ropes. 
4th picture = Sweetgreen Passport group pic!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking baby steps towards your goals

My recent and current plans have consisted of taking advantage of living in the nation’s healthiest metro area: Boston. As a city, Boston has really embraced the fitness-enthusiast community and made it a part of home. I, personally, feel very supported in any workouts that I pursue because Boston seems to have built a strong foundation of happy healthy people. Because of this growing population of health fanatics, we’ve had a boom in fitness facilities and free workout/running groups. For the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to participate in complementary spinning classes at: Pursuit Boston and Flywheel Boston (I’m going to be checking out Velo City next week!).

Aside from regular workout sessions, I’ve come to the realization that I must also eat clean and healthy as well. I feel like eating and dieting is more challenging than the working out part of getting fit. My hectic schedule and strict allocated budget prevents me from purchasing $10 salads and encourages me to purchase quick $3 pizza slices or chicken sandwiches. Instead of doing a total 180 degree turn on my diet, I am going to take baby steps and make my way towards a healthier diet. I grew up and have continued refraining from red meats and soda so, I am a baby step closer to my goal. My next step is currently trading out my snack packs for granola bars and yoplait. I’ve also started eating breakfast and adding high protein foods to my diet. I usually don’t like to eat breakfast because... well... many reasons: greasy food in the morning disgusts me, thinking of dairy from a cow disgusts me, imagining the fat in food disgusts me… Its all a mental battle that I have with myself the moment I wake up.

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That one time I turned on the TV last week I ended up catching a glimpse of a coupon-er reality show and became inspire. At a recent grocery shopping adventure I googled every item in my cart to see if there were any coupons available. I did save $0.75 but the mobile search was an ammatuer move according to the couponers show. So for my next grocery shopping adventure I am going to download a coupon app and do alittle bit of research on my grocery list pre-adventure time.

P.S I've decided to do a press trip to Cancun for spring break! Yay any restaurant/tourists spot suggestions?

Grammerly yours, SemirahD

And before you go…! If you gotten this far I am not liable for the nerdiness you are about to be exposed to... and caution when proceeding you never know what card game territory is being dueled ahead → → → → So...I attended the Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Valiant sneak peek. Shocked? Excited? Confused? As the only girl in my family, amongst brothers and cousins, being trained in games not pertaining to dress up barbie and driving a pink jeep was apart of growing up. The facility that I went to broke their record for amount of attendees at a sneak peek, it was twice the amount of people from last year. Great for them, not so great for me. The building was jam packed and stocked with junk food that could feed a whole all-boy high school group. Nonetheless, I was lucky enough to get some good cards out of my 5 packs and left with a stack of valuable trades. The cover design for the packs seemed like a last minute job. They were so similar to the previous pack, with the exception of one character.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boston Fitness Review: Pursuit Spinning Studio

Earlier this week I was able to go online and book my first spinning class at Pursuit Boston spinning studio for Thursday night, 5:30 pm.

The farthest extent of knowledge that I have about spinning stemmed from playing on my grandmothers spinning machine in her office and casual cycling with friends. I had no inclination of what to expect from a class solely dedicated to spinning.

After class.... Feeling exhausted yet exuberant 
I read the About Us page on the Pursuit Boston website and that was enough to get me to try out a class.

Upon arrival I signed in and was handed a complimentary towel and water bottle for class. I have not been able to visit all of the spinning facilities in Boston but, I do know that goodies are a small incentive that definitely persuaded my friends to join me for a ride!

I arrived fifteen minutes early to give myself time to get dress, get a feel for the facilities, and warm up for class. "Warming up" for spinning class is apparently translated into adjusting your bike to fit your body size and setting the resistance down so that your warm up is similar to riding on a flat road.

One of the most memorable aspects of this workout for me was how the instructors playlist was perfectly aligned with the tempo of our workout. All throughout the class, the mental debate I was having with myself on whether or not I should continue was intense! If I stopped moving, picking up the speed would have been twice as challenging. So I lip synched to Black Eye Peas, LMFAO, and Britney Spears to take my mind off of the burn in my thighs for 45 minutes.

Why should you try spinning classes? Well, talk about squat substitute... This workout is instant toning for the legs and with the right instructor it can be wicked fun. All throughout this class I felt like I could visually see my thighs tone up and lengthen out. Of course that didn't happen after one class but six classes later...(you'll get my point). If you are up for some intense cardio and visual results then spinning classes are definitely a route worth pursuing.

Athleta 2014 Spring Fashion Preview

After spinning class on Boylston St., I ran around the corner to Newbury St. to join the Athleta crew for their 2014 spring fashion preview. There were some sips and treats from Polar Seltzer and Sweet Green but, the main attraction was the new fitness apparel collection.

The "Straight Up Yoga Pants" from the 2014 Athleta
Spring Collection
I love the new Athleta spring 2014 yoga pants's
After viewing most of the collection, I came to the conclusion that I am a "Straight Up Pant" yoga girl and racerback tank tops need to make a come back in my personal fitness apparel collection.

The latest buzz going around is how much of a fad spinning has become in the past few months. I have never considered trying out spinning till I met the owners of a local Boston spinning studio back in December. A little birdie told me that the word in the hub is that, there was either something in the Boston water that compelled a handful of people to open up spinning studios or the fitness community is reaching new demands!

I am definitely not complaining with my new years fitness resolution in full affect. I've been able to join so many amazing fitness communities and stay on track with my healthy living tactics. I see the fitness community of Boston growing and can feel the high level of support running through our streets.

Round-Up 2014: Boston Spinning Studios

 *Updated 8/1/14*

Just Ride!
Recycle Studio
Soul Cycle
Spinning Lotus

Spynergy Cycling Studio
The Handle Bar

Turnstyle Cycle (Cambridge, MA)
Velo City
*I will update this list periodically*
Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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