Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Wellness Gear and Tips

2015 is hosting a handful of winter wellness/fitness challenges for people of all shapes and abilities. Moreover, the winter brings a whole new level of procrastination so to keep up with my winter fitness challenges I need great gear to guide my lack of motivation out the door.

This Christmas/holiday season give the right (and useful) gift to your athletic loved one or marathon running family member. 
The Ultimate Armband 
The fitness gear that I am sharing with you is the Sport i-25 Armpocket and I had a nice test run with it so, I'm sure you'll love it! The touch screen protector was responsive; however, I did have to tap twice or pause mid-run to get my phone to respond. The memory foam and comfy strap curves perfectly to my body. I slipped the armband; with my phone, keys, and granola bar inside, before heading off for my run (After rereading this post, I can see that maybe it was silly of me to carry a granola bar. I like to be prepared for everything and eat my post workout snack like right after finishing my run). The band is light and not a cumbersome addition to my run.

I used to think that running bands were bulky, would be cumbersome, and the wide velcro strap would irritate my skin. Well all of that is FALSE! This is not the case with Armpocket. The Armpocket is such an easy addition to my running regiment and super helpful with letting me listen to my music with my phone and carry essentials.

Reasons to adore the Sport i-25 Armpocket:
Water Resistant
Machine Washable
Headphone Music Port
Touch Control Window
Eco-Friendly Product
Quality, Durable Construction
No-Slip Memory Foam
Comfortable Vented Strap

Product details:
Price: $35
Colors: Black/Pink/Yellow/Orange/Red/Purple/Splash
Strap length: adjustable (the Armpocket website has the dimensions of the strap and it is adjustable for your liking)

Shirts: New Balance // Bottoms: C9 by Champion

Before I go, I just wanted to share some winter wellness tips:
Stay Motivated
Stay Moisturized
Stay Hydrated

Happy holidays and don't forget to share any winter challenges you've heard about! New Year Resolutions count to! Comment below.
Sport i-25 ArmPocket

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Boston Family Fun: Shop CambridgeSide Galleria

My mind has been so preoccupied with school work and professional development that holiday's and special events totally sneak up on me! Last minute gift shopping and 30 minute casseroles are my expertise. So when I finally get a holiday break I don't know what to do with my free time. How does one celebrate the holiday's when daunting to-do list or heartache deadlines are no where in site?

Thankfully there are so many great places around Boston that are offering merry celebrations for the entire family; namely, The CambridgeSide Galleria Mall.

Via Chowing Down blog
The Galleria has offered so many versatile holiday events that I don't have to look anywhere else. From breakfast with Santa to Yankee Swaps with my amiable crew of Boston bloggers, The CambridgeSide Galleria has been the real MVP this holiday season. 

CambridgeSide Galleria
Via The Second Lunch Blog
The California Pizza Kitchen cheffed up some delicious appetizers, drinks, and the mall set up activities for a blogger Yankee Swap. About 30 bloggers enjoyed an evening of switching and snagging drool worthy gifts from the event sponsors. Thank you Blog and Tweet Boston for putting together an amazing event, as well as the Galleria Mall marketing team for working so hard to set everything up. 

What does your family do to celebrate the holidays? Comment below

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Women Engineer In Training

*This post is a life update on my one month absence!*

Recently I've constantly been on the move so, it is a matter of 'Catch Me IF You Can' to get pictures now a days!
That's me with the camera.
I have been on a months absence because I have just entered an ABET accredited program as an A WET: A Women Engineer in Training. Disclaimer: I am speaking from 30 days of experience and acknowledge that I have not even scratched the surface of what it’s like to be a W.E.T.   

As I enter this world, I would like to share some secrets from what I've seen after peeking inside the closed door. I am one of the 9 young ladies in my entire class of engineers and there are some slight differences to my everyday life as opposed to my counterparts.

Things I've Learned:
  1. Study TWO times as hard
  2. Take advice from experienced women (and men) engineers
  3. Explore research/internship opportunities
  4. Make time to relax

Study two times as hard because not only will you be answering questions in class but also providing reasoning and proof to what you know as an women.

Take advice from experienced engineers because they have fought in the trenches as a new found WET and know tricks to the trade. They know who to go to for recommendations on campus or information about internships or access to networks in the industry.

Explore different opportunities early as a resume and experience builder. Don’t be afraid to work in a school lab during one of your breaks or take a non-paid internship your freshman year. These steps are a big step towards working in the industry, depending on what type of engineering you’re majoring in.

Relax! Relax because you will get burned out and might not realize that putting down your books will have a better net benefit than harm. Rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. Join a co-curricular or extracurricular club to remain productive during your free time.

I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am currently seeking summer internship opportunities. My mentors have encouraged to keep my search open because mechanical engineering is so broad. To adhere to this advice, I am signing up for both engineering internships and research opportunities. I am envious of the engineering students that already have a passion in their field. So I’ve taken out some time during this Thanksgiving break to reflect on what could I spend days, months, years, researching about for FUN. I thought about past internships, hobbies, vacations, favorite movies, and games… and I came out with starting research about wave and tidal energy technology.
I entered engineering with the mindset that if all else fails I will become a research engineer with the Navy and work on autonomous underwater vehicles. However, there is more to ocean/mechanical engineering than torpedoes and AUVs. I will be sharing more about my collegiate adventure so, stay tuned and comment below on your favorite collegiate experience so far or blast from the past!

Lately all I live, breathe, and know is: school, my favorite library spot, and exactly how to make my coffee. So, excuse me whilst I study the latest issues of every fashion magazine on the shelf to 'hip' myself to winter fashion 2014/15!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Warm Up This Winter With A Members Only Jacket

“When you put it on, something happens.”

Outfit details at the end

This winter I'll be bundling up in an American classic, Members Only Moto Jacket, similar. For extra warmth and a rugged, urban look, the women's Moto Jacket has a faux shearling collar, cuff, and edge lining. I took my Members Only jacket out on a camping adventure and here are some shots from my weekend.  

Jacket c/o Members Only, Converse Shoes, Levi's Jean Button Up c/o, Burberry Scarf, Black Pants

My jacket fits perfectly and is nice quality; the faux shearling is soft and doesn't irritate my skin and, is extremely warm. The famous classic Members Only jacket is the varsity styled jacket however, I was excited to share with you all how I styled the rugged moto jacket with a modern flair. I accessorized with classic converse, but in forest green, and a Burberry scarf. After a weekend in 30 degree (Fahrenheit) weather I can attest that this jacket is good in cold wind, rain, and chilly winter evenings! 

I know the winter is usually studying, gym, spring prepping time, etc. however, what winter activity are you most excited for?

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boston Family Fun: King Richard's Renaissance Faire

For 33 years in Carver, MA a team of dedicated New Englanders set up, for eight consecutive weekends, one of the largest and longest-running Renaissance Festival. Tucked away on 80 acres of enchanted forest, the Faire is open 10:30 am to 6 pm each day. My family arrived Columbus Day weekend around 1pm, expecting the crowds to have slimmed down, only to find that the festivities were just getting into full swing. 

We packed up our royal court in the buggie and headed towards the 16th century fantasyland. Tickets for adults ($29) and children ($16). 
  • Rides are an additional $2-$3
  • Food vendors only accept food tickets which can be purchase in bulks of 5/$5. So for example 15 tickets = $15. One soda = 4 tickets = $4. 
  • Performers accept tip (because this is how they make a living) so bring dollar bills for that.
  • There are artisan shops throughout the faire so bring more dollar bills for that too!
  • (Money, money, money, muunnn-nayyy, MUN-NAY)

After parking our car in a dirt field we could only hear the excitement coming from inside the Faire but, we could not see anything besides the entrance door. The only hints that we received of what we were about to experience were the many costumes, creatures, and knights we encountered in the parking lot. After passing a few fairies throwing fairy dust and a man in a kilt, my brother and I were practically running towards the entrance to squish our curiosity. 

We were instantly met by two costumed nobles put in place to make sure that no outside food came in and to collect tickets. BTW you literally can't have any type of outside food no matter the circumstance (ONLY exception; babies)

Have you ever tasted a giant turkey keg? Yeah me too, so here is a place to try them! Head over to Castlegate Inn and Lancaster Lane to experience some one of a kind Renaissance Faire activities along with jousting and tiger shows. 

Shining Armor

My royal court and I (aka my family) had finally entered a past era, The Renaissance. If I was more prepared I would have definitely donned a more elaborate costume. We smelled funnel cakes aka "Peasant Pies", saw teems of wenches, crossed paths with lifesize puppets, and heard 16th century entertainment sounds. 

When we ordered food it was really hard to find seating so, we had to stand to the side and people watch while we munched on our lunch. The large paper soda cups don't have any tops... I don't know why because there is dirt and leaves misting the air and every time I walked the soda slushed around. I would bring a reusable tumbler to put my soda in for the next trip because open air soda only lasts for so long.  

My Irish cousin stopped by for a visit... ode to my father's side of the family ;)

With so much excitement happening at once we could only stare in awe and enjoy everything that just so happen to be in front of us. I loved taking pictures with the different characters and watching all of the shows positioned on one of the eight stages at the Faire. 

Even though we were given a map and some version of a schedule at a gate we still were unsure of what exactly was happening at any given time. I would recommend that you check out the website and plan out your adventure ahead of time. You know that point in a family road trip or any trip in general when every is aggravated due to disorganization, crowds, confusion, etc. Well my royal court and I had a moment of agitation towards the end of the day when everyone wanted to make sure they got souvenirs or saw a show we missed.   

Casual Renaissance Faire ensemble 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

*Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary admission in exchange for a review. As always all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting my blog.*

Monday, October 20, 2014

Boston's Her Campus College Fashion Week x Cinch App

On October 4th The Estate Boston hosted the annual Her Campus Fashion Show. I was blessed with VIP access for a friend and myself. So in the midst of homework, sailing practice, and barely existing social life I dusted off my blogger event clothes and headed into Boston for the evenings affairs.

Just waiting in line to enter the venue was the beginning of the fashion show experience. Fashion bloggers posing on the sidewalk and street... selfies amongst selfies... social media frenzy... All of this and we haven't entered the building yet.

Once inside we gather our passes and sponsor goodie bags and head upstairs for the step and repeat carpet photos before the main events of the night commence. 

Her Campus founder Windsor and I 
The main event of the night was the fashion show; however, guest had access to a drybar sponsored by Tresseme, makeup color matching with Bare Minerals, and fashion insights with

Blogger Amy and I
I feel like this is a reoccurring feeling for me but, my ultimate favorite part of going to events is meeting up with local bloggers and seeing social media influencers that I've bumped into at past events. I am really bad at keeping in touch with anyone so, I love making the most of events like these. I vaguely recall meeting Amy of Cupcakes and Couture before this event nonetheless, I follow her blog and immediately recognized her at the show (great outfit girl!). 

Can you find Semirah?

The fashion show had different themed scenes and local entertainment from BU and BC sprinkled in between the segments. The young models showed darling charisma and the outfits were college girl must haves! The goodie bags had a discount code to, the fashion sponsor of the evening, and I was wicked eager to use it. Let me know if you would like to see some of the pieces I purchased!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall into Fashion, Cruise & Lunch at Cambridgeside Galleria

Boston Brunchers and the Cambridgeside Galleria PR team put together an amazing day out for a group of Boston bloggers and influencers. We all met up at the Charles River Boat for a whirlwind experience around Boston. Once the bloggers got on the boat it felt like time went still. We acquainted and reacquainted with old and new blogger friends.  

For a New England weekend in Saturday, 80 degrees was a treat and cherry on top to a beautiful day out.   

Blogger Goody Bags 
Our blogger day out included shopping, sipping, and dining out. Depicted is gift cards, goodies, and snacks... our Cambridgeside Galleria survival kit (Parking tickets included)!

Cheese and crackers plate aboard the Charles River Boat

H & M Fall 2014 Fashion Selections

Boston fashion bloggers taking advantage of the beautiful scenery 

For every sushi roll P.F.Changs sells in October, $1 will be donated to breast cancer awareness programs. Also, you can earn $1 for breast cancer awareness by taking a selfie with the pink horses and uploading it to social media with the hashtag #paintpfchangspink.

This was actually my first trip to P.F.Changs and I was not disappointed. We had different tasters and selections including; Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Handmade Dumplings.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Hand Folded Crab Wontons

After lunch was desserts then shopping! I wrapped up my Cheesecake Factory oreo cake to share with friends at home and gathered all my gift cards to take the mall by a blogger coupon storm. I stopped by Old Navy, Roster, Sephora, and Plammie Activewear.

Plammie Activewear
After enjoying the sun and stuffing myself with P.F.Chang goodness I was so excited that Plammie Activewear was apart of our bloggers day out (Live fitness motivation right here!). For those of you who follow me on twitter and instagram see post about #LaceUp365 or some other fitness crave I'm signing up for so, you know that I have a passion for this lifestyle.

All in all Cambridgeside Galleria PR team and Boston Brunchers coordinated an amazing event. My most memorable moment was being able to foster in and appreciate the Boston blogger community.

Losofancy and I posing in front of the Boston cityline (Sailor Dress c/o The Girl That Loves Boutique)

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

*I was provided all services, meals, and gift cards complimentary in exchange for a blog feature. All opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NuNaat Hair Review for Mixed Women

Try out my new friends NuNaat Garlic Magic crew...!
The lovely team over at NuNaat sent over some hair products for me to try out. I have thick hair and am a frequent swimmer so, I went for the NuNaat Garlic Magic kit that said it strengthens damaged hair.  I've used every home remedy in the book to moisturize, tame, or strengthen thick hair. Most products take consistent use over a long period time. With NuNaat I felt a difference in texture after the first week. 

I told you NuNaat gets the job done!
If you are looking for a hair volumizer than I would suggest checking out sets available on the NuNaat site. If you have thin hair or want to boost up your natural kinks than NuNaat has the potential to deliver.

Good products don't have to be expensive to help your hair. NuNaat's leave-in conditioner has multiple Aqua (water) based ingredients to hold in moisture for dry locks. However because this product is inexpensive, the "alittle goes a long way" rule does not apply here. Every product states "apply generously" so instead of your usual palm full of product, go ahead and squeeze out a tennis ball dallop size of product.

Also I would recommend to follow up with a hot oil, or some type of oil treatment because there is alcohol in the products. I am assuming NuNaat did this to adhere to all hair types so if you have lovely kinky locks, feed those babies with a nice oil rub down.

I'll hook you up with one of my new friends!
NuNaat has a pleasant smell and is very reasonably price. You can find their collections at your local Walgreens or Walmart (US customers). I personally would not change my normal regiment for this kit but, I had fun experimenting with it and thickening my hair for a week. Check out how I styled my hair after using NuNaat here.

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Favorite College Decor: Monogrammed Letters

Dorm room decor puts on emphasis on bedding, window accessories, lamps and desk accessories. My all time favorite dorm decor are monogrammed wooden letters. My letters are from The Spotted Zebras and that company is very accommodating. 

Pick your initials, greek letters, etc. in various colors, sizes, and fonts. My friend was felling home sick around the second week of college and after ordering her monogrammed letters and having a small "open dorm" party she begin to feel a bit more comfortable in this large, unfamiliar community. 

Make your small space feel like home with your own customized wall monogram!

Wall Decor c/o The Spotted Zebras

My Longchamp collection is starting to become more of decorations than fashion pieces... oops. I wanted to switch up decor norms and hang up my casual handbags as opposed to necklaces and jewelry. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of gorgeous methods of hanging up jewelry and other cutesy pieces.

More examples of cute dorms with wall monograms:
Wall letters and photos as decor are a great way to make a small, unfamiliar place feel like home.  All you have to do is put a name on it..! (Beyonce reference anyone?...)

Anyway if you think you have the cutest dorm/apartment decor tweet me (@SemirahD) or tag me on instagram (@SemirahD) so I can see how much I need to step my decor game up!

via Facebook archives
via Facebook archives  

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

P.S. School is in session. Excuse my sporadic posting whilst I earn my education as a Mechanical Engineer. No I am not fixing cars... I am building torpedoes and making 10 different kinds of polyurethane for lab experiments... #nerdproblems #womenengineers

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweets and Treats

Lovely Candy Co c/o // MultiFlask c/o Precidio 
The summer is coming to an end and late nights are complimented with light jackets. All of my friends are trying to get in last minute brunches, picnics, soirees, etc. This being said everyone has already tasted my homemade chocolate chip cookies and over the top casserole dish.. so now what do I bring to the party? 

Deciding what food item to bring to a party is a slight headache.. Especially when you have to consider allergies, gluten-free, fat-free, red die number 56 free, etc. etc. This is where Lovely Candy Co. comes into play. The team over at Lovely Candy Co sent over different flavors of their organic chewy candy for my friends and I to try. Their fruit flavors have real fruit chunks fo' da' VEGANS! (whoop whoop). And their caramel and fudge flavors are with rbst free diary! Every one wins :D

via Amazon
Most of you that have met me via instagram or in person know that I am a braceface and bracefaces have certain food restrictions. Such as: no caramel, gummies, popcorn, ice, anything found at your local grocery store, etc. With a large list like that it is hard for me to find foods that I can actually chew and still follow the rules (Lol ask me when is the last time I had gum!). Lovely Candy Co. chewy candy is soft and melts with the warmth of your mouth. No more caramel stuck in between your teeth. These candies are easier to eat and healthier for your body. Like I said before this is all a win-win situation. 

Influenster Vitality Vox Box

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: A soccer girls first aid BFF. Athletes deal with cuts, burns, bruises, and more! First Degree is too the rescue for preventing scars and pain relief. 

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Can all the athletic collegiates just snap for this. #girlprobs

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: refreshing cup of tea in the middle of the busy city!

Softlips Cube

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: My new fave "pick me up" snack.

Total Value: Approx. $36.50

*Disclaimer: I received the Vitality Vox Box c/o Influenster. You don't have to be a blogger to get freebies! Also the Loyalty Candy Company packs were provided to me complimentary in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are honest and my own*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Be The Change Award - Massachusetts Conference for Women 2014

August 19, 2014                                                           

Massachusetts Conference for Women Calls for 2014 Be The Change Award Nominations
Award honors one woman from the Commonwealth for her charitable work

Boston, MA – The 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women will once again recognize one woman from Massachusetts who has made a powerful impact on individual lives and in her community. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2014 Be the Change Award, which will be given to a special woman whose work aligns with the mission of the Conference — helping women and girls achieve their full potential while exemplifying compassion and commitment to improving the lives of the people in their communities. The recipient will be honored in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 attendees at this year’s Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday, December 4, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition.

“I am proud the Conference has made it a priority to celebrate individuals and organizations that embody the Conference’s mission of empowering women and young girls,” said Renee Connolly, Head of Communications for EMD Millipore, Corporation and MA Conference for Women Board Member. ”This has been our goal since we launched the Conference a decade ago and we are thrilled with the progress our attendees have created.”

For the last nine years, the Conference has recognized several women and organizations that have empowered women and girls in communities across Massachusetts; individuals like Judy Giovangelo of Ben Speaks Louder Than Words and Connie Smith for her work with Women’s Lunch Place; and organizations like St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children and Science Club for Girls. These women and organizations inspire the public by motivating others to carry out their calls to action, by serving as a champion for their cause and by demonstrating a clear record of accomplishment in addressing urgent, relevant and complex problems. They also maintain consistent, long-lasting relationships with the people and communities in which they work. 

“The Conference will continue its tradition of recognizing those in the Commonwealth whose work truly creates positive change,” said Lynn D. Tinney, Americas VP of Channels for Riverbed Technology and MA Conference for Women Board Member. “This year’s Be The Change Award will highlight the philanthropic work of one woman who not only illustrates the Conference’s mission of women empowerment, but also embodies the idea of ‘The Power of Us’.”

For more information and to download the nomination form for the 2014 Be The Change Award, please visit or contact Chelsea Franklin or 512-432-1943. 

The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 24, 2014.  

To learn more about the 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, please visit our website, follow us on Twitter at or like our Facebook page

Last year's conference with Leymah Gbowee

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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