Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fit To Be A Hunger Games Tribute

Let the games begin! Training will be at the Boston Sports Club in Downtown Crossing on December 17th at 12:15pm.

Last week I had the opportunity to "Train Like A Tribute" with Bron Volney, Boston Sports Clubs Master Trainer and Instructor. He guided us through 12 Hunger Games movie-inspired training moves to torch fat, incinerate calories, and set your muscles on fire. 

Participants will navigate their way around a clock of 12 fitness challenges -- from dodging "attack monkeys", to scaling Heavensbee Hills, to wielding the Peacekeeper battle ropes -- switching stations each time the Head Game Maker strikes the gong (or in our case yells "time").

Some of the participants, the trainer: Bron Volney, and I 

Train Like a Tribute - 45 min.

•  Katniss Killers -- participants use a bow for a resistance to work the upper back and
 Peacekeeper Battle Ropes -- whipping stations against the Rebellion work the biceps and shoulders.
•  Monkey Jumps -- plyometric squat jumps are a great cardio workout that strengthen legs and glutes.
•  Hevensbee Hills --  the head game maker's namesake, this cardio interval blasts fat and strengthens legs for rebellion runs through the Capitol.
•  Finnik Trident Presses -- tricep presses with a weighted trident, the weapon of choice for one of the lead tributes.
•  Peeta Pull-Ups -- the camouflaged hero achieves a whole new level as the Rebellion rises.
•  Dummy Squats ----  Flipping and lifting a punching bag simulates a part of the plot where the fog paralyzes some of the tributes and others have to carry them to safety
•  Forcefield Planks -- push against a walled forcefield looking for the weak spot while holding a plank to increase arm and belly burn.
 White "Rose" Rows -- improve posture with upper back rows named after President Snow's signature boutonniere.
•  BeeTee Biceps -- show that you can't beat the forcefield without a secret weapon – strong "guns."
•  Tsunami Row Machine -- up the cardio ante while escaping a tidal wave on this popular gym machine.
•  Quarter Quell Kettle Bell Swings -- "shoulder" the burden of the victors fighting to "remember who the enemy is!"

This was my first time at the Downtown Crossing BSC location and I think I arrived to what I expected; a small, city gym. What I didn't expect was to see every machine filled with men and the women stretching or working out on the floor. If you are a guy that wants to show off how macho you are then this gym would fit you. I only saw the open UXF zone and the machines, next week I'm going to venture around and hopefully find separate rooms for other activities. Coming from a gym that is in a bigger facility and has tons of open space, it was a shock to come to a smaller gym and have to vie for stretching space. Welcome to the city!

P.S: Follow the BSC trainer, Bron Volney, on twitter for daily tweets about a healthy fitness diet!

P.S.S. This workout was a continuation of BSC's 2012 Hunger Games-inspired workout, “Train Like a Tribute 2013" subscribes to The Hunger Games' "survival of the fittest" mentality, utilizing BSC's green turfed UXF Zone "jungle" to create the ultimate athlete.

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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