Saturday, December 21, 2013

Black Girls Tan Too

Women sometimes do many things to look the way they do. It's hard (nearly impossible) to generalize a gender so, I'm going to have to explain my point in "simplest terms". These regiments that women carry out have the potential to form into lifestyles. Fitness is a lifestyle... Regular tanning becomes a lifestyle... Your daily makeup routine is apart of your lifestyle. Lifestyles are not discriminatory. They don't pick and choose which type of person they would like to be connected with, just like life, it just happens!

When I lived in Georgia, where it's hot and sunny for a large portion of the year, women still tan! They have the sun in their back yard but still choose to tan regularly. This whole concept baffled me for years and I never grasped a meaning until I took a trip down to Femme Fatale tanning salon located in the middle of Boston University's collegetown hub. There are many myths and societal images of the orange people that undergo fake tans.

I knew that tanning is something that can not be undone overnight, especially for someone who is naturally tan-ish (The "-ish" is referring to the effect of cold winter weather on a tan pigment, it kind of yellows out.) I felt like I was going to get a tattoo done on my body that could not be removed. I felt like tanning was only for pale/white women. I had never met a darker complexion person go tanning, except on TV and in the pageant world. So when I said that I was going tanning, people thought, "But your black...", "You're already tan...", "hahaha I wish I was the color you are now..." and they all just pictured the little orange people.

I don't blame them because, I didn't even know that there was a tanning method that enhanced, nourished, and invigorated your skin. Tanning has more purposes than just making you look darker. Wow! Who knew?! Tanning evens out uneven skin tones, stretch marks, sensitive areas, and darken areas that have cumbersome unwanted hair. Before writing this post, I called a few friends and asked for their opinion on the topic of black/bronze/tan women going tanning. I found out that it is actually NOT a foreign concept. It is hard to have an even skin tone when you cover up your body 70% of the time (This results in pasty looking legs/arms/chest/etc).

The key phrase that actually led me to making a tanning appointment at Femme Fatale was that the tanning spray is made with almond extract versus the carrot extract of the orange people. This means that the product will give my skin a brown hue versus the orange hue of other tanning products. To take the edge off of this visit, I invited a friend and we giggled our way to bronze-dom. When we arrived the owner, Amy, ushered us to our own separate tanning rooms. We striped down and put on a paper panties and hair caps. We were each, thoroughly, sprayed down and stood in front of an industrial fan to dry off (4-5 minutes). If you wish to go for a darker hue than you will then be sprayed down again to your desired color. I only needed to be sprayed down once and I felt like I had just hopped off the plane from Spain!

Before and After picture. 
Femme Fatale uses Infinity Sun products, which are, long lasting and all-natural. In a city like Boston where the weather is more bipolar than Kim Kardashian's relationship status and the sunshine time is as reliable as the MBTA schedule on a weekend, a tan at Femme Fatale should be right on your list next to nail appointment on Newbury St. and hair appointment in Burlington!

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

P.S. Thank you Mary Kay for sending me a different color of face foundation!

Femme Fatale provided a complimentary service in exchange for this blog review. For more info on my sponsorship policy please visit the Contact Me page.

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